Apr 192012

In Pakistan women are required to be modest and conservative in their outlook and demeanor. Actively seeking to beautify themselves would be seen as vanity and attempt to attract men to sin and hence, it is not encouraged in Pakistan society which is predominated by Islamic religion. A woman who needs to beautify herself would need to do so only to please her husband – which is one of her most important duties.

Beauty Tips That Can Make The Husband Happy

There are many ways that a woman in Pakistan can use to beautify herself. The modern woman does all the Western woman does, i.e. shape her eyebrows, remove body hair, dye her hair, etc. The only difference is that the woman is supposed to keep it all under the pardah. Some tips that can be used by all women whatever their economic conditions are listed below:

  • Perfume – all Muslim love perfume and women are advised to make themselves attractive to their husband both for sex and company. Perfuming their hair and body is one way to create a pleasing impact.
  • Face – anyone can use home made recipes for beautification, such as:
      Cucumber and yoghurt paste – this is a very simple mask which would result in fairness and clear skin. You can also use the inner side of the skin of the banana for this purpose.

    • Papaya mask – take a little ripe papaya make it paste and apply to the face. This exfoliates the dead skin cells and wipes off any tiny wrinkles that may be formed on the face.
    • Instant face lift – take a little egg-white and beat it with a few drops of lemon. Apply on the face and let it dry. Wash with cold water and you will see that the face is tight and young looking in a mater of maximum 30 minutes.
    • Honey mask – use a little honey, a few drops of lemon and a teaspoon of cream and add to the face. Wash after 20 minutes with warm water.  This would nourish your face and make the skin baby soft.
  • Body – you can do wonders about your body as well with home made recipes:
    • Hair removal – you can always make wax at home (check the Internet for the recipe) or buy your own jar. However, you can also use besan (gram flour) to remove the hair as efficiently. What you need to do is mix besan with a little turmeric and make a paste. Apply to the areas where you want your hair removed – this can be done even on the face – let it dry and then rub it off. All the hair would be removed. When repeated over a long period of time, this method discourages regeneration of hair and therefore you would have finer and finer hair with time.
    • Use a mixture of glycerin (just a few drops) and the juice of lemon to rub on your palms and soles of your feet to keep them soft and supple even after housework.
    • Pubic hair – trim the hair in the pubic area and wash it often with soap to keep it clean and smelling nice. Good hygiene in private areas is a must to be attractive for sex.
    • Hair – use henna once a week on the hair for a beautiful mane. You need to mix fresh ground henna leaves (or even powder that you buy in the market), add a few teaspoons of coffee and mix it with a concoction of tea (take four cups of water, add tea to it and boil it until it become only one cup) and add one egg yolk if you nourishing as well. Make a smooth paste and add to the hair; keep for three-four hours or until it almost dries. Wash with luke warm water.