Symbolism Of Bangles in Indian Culture

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Nov 232013

Bangles are a type of ornament worn by women in India. Also called Kangan or Chudi in Hindi, bangles come in various colors and are symbols of matrimony. A single bangle worn by a man is called a Kada and

Jun 292012

A very important part of any Pakistani wedding is the bridal jewelry. The bridal jewelry the bride is typically decked with includes rings, bracelets, heavy necklaces and bangles to look as stunning as possible on her special day. The specialty

Jun 292012

Bangles are a very important part of a bride’s jewelry as bangles have a significant part in subcontinental culture and tradition. So significant are bangles in the history and tradition of subcontinent that it is very rare that you find a

Bangles (Chooriyan)

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Apr 192012

The bangle is a decorative ornament that women across India have been wearing for centuries. In fact, the bangle has a great socio-cultural-religious significance in Indian history and culture. This is because literature has glorified this ornament to make it

Eid, Mehndi (Henna) and Bangles (Choorian)

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Apr 102012

Eid, Mehndi (Henna) and Bangles (Choorian) Overview What is the connection between Eid, Mehndi and Choorian and Muslim women? The Holy Month of Ramadan is immediately followed by the celebration of Eid ul Fitr. During the evening immediately preceding the

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Different Materials for Fashionable Bangles

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Apr 072012

Bangles are important to Asian Women.  This is because bangles are signs of matrimony and most married women would need to wear a bangle.  However, as time passes, bangles have evolved into a fashionable ornament rather than traditional.  There are

Bangles and Their Importance to Asian Women

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Apr 072012

Asian women are beautiful women.  To add to their glamour, they wear ornaments like bangles, mehndi tattoos and saris that flaunt the beauty they have from within.  However, if you think that wearing bangles are only for fashionable reasons, you

Sound of Bangles

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Apr 072012

Bangles form part of the jewelry in India and are worn in pairs, with a minimum of one bangle on each hand. Different metals are used for making bangles like glass, plastic, gold, silver, brass, platinum, etc. these bangles made

Designing Your Own Bangles (Chooriyan)

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Apr 072012

Women have always been fascinated by the world of beautiful bangles. In fact, it is considered that a woman’s dress is incomplete without any bangles. However there are occasions when you just don’t seem to get the right bangle for