Cosmetic Makeup

Mar 092015

One of the most essential things to any woman in the world is her make-up. It’s something women are pretty cautious and touchy about. However Asian women have a special interest in this field. They define their beauty and cosmetic

Dec 312014

Women, no matter they are in their teen age, middle age or more, they always have many beauty products on their dressing tables, in their dressing room and even in their handbag. However, how many of them know when do

Nov 252013

Makeup application is not a difficult task unless it is practiced properly. But many ladies do not know how to apply makeup properly. Therefore, it is recommended to take care of important steps, tips and tricks when you apply makeup.

Eyelashes Care Tips

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Nov 252013

  Eyelashes remain one of the most desired beauty assets for both men and women. Women in particular are always interested in improving the appearance of their eyelashes. The essential role of eyelashes is to protect the eyes from external

Nov 252013
Women and Makeup

Women, in general, have a strong affinity for makeup. They simply cannot live without it. Women are the ultimate epitome of beauty and the only way to enhance their beauty is to wear nice makeup and flaunt their beautiful faces.