Feb 052015

Not many of us calculate how much calories we intake on daily basis? How much weight we have gained during the last few months or years? Many people promise themselves to lose weight at the beginning of every year. One

Feb 052015

You must have heard many myths about weight loss, most of these are usually based on lies and do not have any concrete standing. Many people think that losing weight is the only key and simply forget about everything else.

Dec 042013

On average our routine dental visits are centred around cavities on the teeth and removal of them. These cavities are caused by bacteria which use sugar in the mouth, digest it, and release slightly acidic chemicals which cause disintegration of

Dec 012013

Most of us associate aging with the appearance of saggy lines on our necks and face. Medical professionals however define aging in much more detail. Doctors believe that aging is a slowing down of processes that help the body adjust