Dec 102016

The age is dominated by the Internet, and so is your business. Every big and small event comes online today in a time faster than light. Gone are the days when people used to see the advertisements on the television sets or the hoardings on the roads and get attracted towards a particular product or service. In today’s cut-edged competition, you are not only required to create your brand name but it is of enormous importance to keep your brand reputation up and kick both online and offline.

What is Online Reputation Management and how does it work?

Online reputation management is a constant practice to analyse, to research, and to deal with both the positive and negative feedbacks on your brand on the internet. In short, it is a process of building and retaining the brand name or the good will of any business. Nowadays a company’s overall reputation survives mainly on what is said about its brand online. Here are a few steps which you can adopt to manage your online reputation:

  1. Make sure your site is easily accessible by search engines and properly focus on SEO.
  2. Create a social media strategy by registering the company in major social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Flikr, Digg, Lnkedin, etc.
  3. Write and publish press releases in the top press release sites. Do not forget to include your brand name in the title or summary.
  4. Submit articles in popular article sites and include your brand name in the ‘resource box’.
  5. Link these social media, press release, and article sites with your own sites and blogs.
  6. Create sub-domains, where possible. Search engines treat these sub-domains as different domains, which can enhance your chances of getting more top positions for your brand.
  7. Pay Per Click campaigns can be used against your brand name, in order to get more ‘above the fold’ spots and push any negative review down in the page.
  8. Other than traditional search engines, keep an eye on the search Youtube searches, Blog search engines, News search engines, etc.
  9. Use Google Alerts, RSS feeds, and other tools to keep an eye on what is being said about your brand online.
  10. Respond to the public comments on your brand. Do not forget to say a “Thank you!”, if a customer posts a positive feedback. On the other hand, all negative feedbacks should be handled and should be explained with a lot of patience and care.
  11. Always keep an eye on what is said about your company online. If possible, do this job regularly.
  12. Online interactions must be handled with care. Hence, they must keep the workers and viewers happy and satisfied. They must feel comfortable to share their views and comments as well.

The power of internet marketing can make your brand name touch the sky if your reputation is monitored and handled strategically.