Apr 072012

Bridal mehndi and henna tattoos are an art and the people who are professionals in bridal mehndi or body tattooing are artists.  But today the procedure has been made easy and it is possible to buy henna body painting kits with ready-made designs in the form of stencils, ready-made henna paste as well as powder, so that it can be done by anybody who wants to do some mehndi painting for fun.

The henna body painting kits which are easily available in the market are user-friendly, because everything is given in detail.  You can create beautiful temporary tattoos on your body or paint tattoos on somebody else’s body.  All the ingredients come in the kit, just open it, read the instructions, follow them and start painting.

There are about 30 to 40 designs in the kit and the natural henna powder is pre-measured and so is the mixing solution.  There is eucalyptus oil in the kit too.  The applicator with the fine tip has to be used to do the painting just by placing the reusable stencil transfers on the body as you follow the instructions step by step. Even Q-tips and toothpicks are packed neatly in the kit, because they are a henna artist’s must-have tools.

When you buy henna body painting paste, buy a known product from a health food store.  Standard Henna and Earth Henna are safe and completely natural.  Even then it is possible, that some people may be allergic to natural products.  Hence it is recommended to follow some guidelines for your safety.

First of all, the mixing of the henna paste and its application should be according to directions.  If you are taking medications or have some allergies, it is best to consult the doctor before you experiment with the henna paste from the kit.  You can of course test the product on a small area first by applying it on your skin and then leaving it on for at least 2 to 3 hours. There should be no contact with the eyes in any case.

A well-known product like the Earth Henna Body Painting Kit has passed strict quality controls and hence can be used safely.  When you have made a henna paste you can store it in your refrigerator for a period up to 4 weeks.

Pre-mixed henna paste is easy and fun, and it gives a lighter color than henna powder which is used for long lasting and dark henna tattoos.  The designs with the pre-mixed henna last a maximum of 15 days, so that you can practice another design and change your henna design often.  If you are a beginner the paste gives you more flexibility and it is very easy to use.  All you have to do is knead the cone or tube and apply the design through the stencil, or even on your own.

A seasoned henna artist would prefer a darker shade of mehndi, because you are looking for lasting results.  Using henna powder is a better idea for a dark design.  Sometimes you can even mix some natural ingredients with the pre-mixed paste and use a sealer so that the moist henna is kept longer in contact with your skin. With experience you learn to mix your own henna, but even if you are new you can try your hand at mehndi designs with the help of the mehndi kits.