Major Tournaments of Field Hockey

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May 112012

Field hockey is a game which is filled with energy and it involves a lot of running. The major tournaments in this sport are many, but as a player everyone has certain tournaments that they want to win for sure.

Pakistan Hockey Team

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May 112012

Rehan Butt Waseem Ahmad Sohail Abbas M. Waqas Sharif M. Mudassar Salman Akbar Ihsan Ullah Nasir Ahmad Muhammad Imran Tariq Aziz Imran Warsi Akhtar Ali Shakeel Abbasi Imran Khan

Hockey Rules

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May 112012

Any game without rules will soon become a battle ground of confusion and aggression. This is why the hockey board FIH has designed many rules for the benefit of the game. These rules ensure the safety of the players and

Top Hockey Magazines

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May 112012

Times of Hockey Monthly Hockey Magazine Karachi – Pakistan Editor: Mr. Masroor Ahmad Masroor

Hockey Equipment

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May 112012

Hockey is a fast paced game which is played all over the world. The equipment quality and numbers may vary from country to country and player to player. The basic equipment when it comes to world field hockey is similar.

Field Hockey CDs, Videos and DVDs in Lahore Pakistan

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May 112012

You can find Hockey CDs like World Cup Final 1994, World Cup 1990, Champions Trophy 1990 and Dosti Series etc. To Shop Visit: Zee Sports (Hockey CDs) G-5 Ground Floor Zaitoon Plaza Hall Road Lahore – Pakistan Tel: +92-42-7234108 Awami

May 112012

The History of Pakistan hockey actually starts with the birth of Indian hockey. There were many stages that hockey in Asia has gone through. The main stage being the partition of India and the formation of Pakistan. This was the

May 112012

Asian style of hockey was great until the 1986 after that nothing has been working in favor of the Asian hockey. The world champs like India and Pakistan have never been able to achieve any main feat after the mid

May 112012

Hockey as a game has its roots in the European countries. The European hockey playing countries have taken hockey very seriously and have done all that they can to improve the game in every possible way. Their easy adaptability to