Aug 182012

Shakeel Abbasi is a Pakistan field hockey player and had been playing for the National team of Pakistan since 2003. He plays in the position of Center Forward for his team. He was born on 5th of January 1984 in Quetta situated in the province of balochistan, Pakistan. He spent his childhood in Quetta where he got his early education and later started playing hockey all due to his talent and capability. He does not come from a sports background but achieved stardom solely on his own abilities. He started his career from Balochistan and made his international debut in 2003. He is close Spiritualism to some extent.

Playing in a very important position in the game of field hockey for Pakistan, being a Center Forward, Shakeel is one of the players entrusted in leading the attack and putting the opposition under pressure which he does through his swift moves on the field. He has the honour of being part of the team that won silver medal at Commonwealth Games 2006 held in Melbourne, Australia. He was also part of the team that won bronze medal at Asian Games 2006 held in Doha, Qatar. Shakeel Abbasi also performed devotedly in the Beijing Olympics in 2008. He also has the honour of being part of the Pakistan hockey team that won 6th place at Commonwealth Games 2010 which were held in New Delhi, India and in that tournament he scored the opening goal for Pakistan in the match against Scotland. He was also part of the Pakistani squad that managed to win the gold medal and also the title of Asian Champions at the Asian Games in China. Pakistan Hockey Federation awarded a Category A central contract to Shakeel in 2010. He offered his services for the country for Europe’s tour which was the part of the preparations of the national team for the Commonwealth Games in 2010. During the London Olympics 2012, Shakeel Abbasi rendered his services for the National team of Pakistan Hockey devotedly and enthusiastically which resulted in the team finishing 7th in the tournament.  Shakeel can be seen in high spirits to perform for the country in every match that he plays. During the span of his international career of 9 years he has made his place among the important and key players of his team. Highlight of this talented player is his professional approach and positivity that keeps the spirit high in the team during each and every match that is played.

Currently speaking, Pakistan Hockey is not in the best of its phase. People in Pakistan are gradually losing interest in the game and comparatively have gone crazy for the game of Cricket and cricketers. In this type of situations, it is not easy to attract people back towards hockey. It is only due to such hard working, talented, professional and enthusiastic players like Shakeel Abbasi who has been able to sustain the spirit of the national game of Pakistan alive. He is one of those players who are the ray of hope for the Pakistan Hockey due to their brilliance, hard work and consistent performance.