Nov 182013

Not many would want to agree that Yoga can actually help you gain that fab body, and shed those excessive pounds, but newsflash dearies, it does. Have you heard of power yoga? If not, we then would ask you to read this write up very carefully and only then would you understand how wonderfully well can power yoga help you bring down the excessive weight on you.

Using the kundalini techniques, power yoga infact originated in the USA. There are many certified trainers and instructors who would help you achieve the fat burning rigmarole and get you a lot of benefits for your body, mind and soul as well. Let’s just say, your heart too would benefit from the same when you have a proper session of power yoga done.

Traditional yoga would be based on the breathing mannerisms and poses that are static. But experts opine, with power yoga there would be a combo of fast breathing and plenty of active moments too. In the end, what you get would be a workout much more effective and beneficial than what yoga can give you.

When you exercise with the help of oxygen, you adhere to the norms of aerobics, say experts. But when you do traditional yoga poses and postures combined with exercises that are super active, you actually are indulging in power yoga. One of the examples very popularly used in power yoga would be the “breath of fire”, this helps in getting calories burned and you get to breathe as well.

So does power yoga help build muscles too, and the answer is YES it does. The classes would be powerful and fast paced, and you can sweat out fluids from the body when the room gets all heaty. And even if you are an average overweight being, there would be routines that you could use to bring down the weight issues on you.

One shouldn’t make the mistake of comparing power yoga with that of a cardio weight loss plan, it’s like chalk and cheese. The levels of calorie burning achieved by both are different and unique in more ways than one, say skeptics.

But there are many reasons other than just for weight loss why people flock for power yoga. And the success stories are plenty to read and be inspired from as well.  so if you too would like to be fit, active, healthy and strong, think of using power yoga too.

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