Bridal Bangle Designs

Bangles are a very important part of a bride’s jewelry as bangles have a significant part in subcontinental culture and tradition. So significant are bangles in the history and tradition of subcontinent that it is very rare that you find a young girl or woman without one or two bangles on her wrists. Bangles are generally worn as pairs on each arm and play a very important part in bridal jewelry and wedding traditions and customs.

Girls in sub continent are generally allowed to wear bangles; however married women are expected to wear bangles after marriage. In fact, for many Asian woman wearing bangles has the same significance as western women have wearing wedding rings. This is why there is a myriad of bridal bangle designs for her to choose from for her special day.

Different types of bridal bangles

Bridal bangles are generally of two kinds; one of which are glass bangles which are worn to symbolize happiness and a long married life. The bridal bangle designs in glass bangles are generally the same all over; however in some parts of India, there is some symbolism in the color of bangles. Red bangles are said to symbolize energy, blue bangles symbolize wisdom, yellow bangles mean happiness, green stands for luck and marriage while purple bangles signifies independence.

The other type of bridal bangles is the valuable gold bangles. These gold bangles come with intricate bridal bangle designs incorporated with diamonds and colored stones in white or yellow gold. These bangles play a very important part in the bridal jewelry set.

You can order bangles with your chosen bridal bangle designs

The best place to buy bangles for a bride is of course, at the jewelers. Most jewelers have a wide range of bridal bangles for you to choose from. They generally have bangles with the latest and most popular bridal bangle designs.

Sometimes, seeing the same bangle designs on most brides may make you want to wear something special and unique on your wedding day. This is possible as you can place orders for your bangles based on your own unique and special bridal bangle designs.

The jewelers generally have catalogs and pictures which you can go through and take a look at the different types of bridal bangles they have done and can make for you. If you don’t like the designs here, you can always have bangles made using your special bridal bangle design. However it is better to show it to the jeweler first to find out if they will be able to recreate your design into bangles, and have them ready for you by your wedding day.

Place orders well in advance

This is why you have to remember that if you wish to custom-make your bridal bangles, you have to place orders well in advance of your wedding. Don’t think the jewelers will be able to have your bangles ready for your wedding if you place last minute orders.

If your bridal bangle design is something new or unique, it’s important you approach a reputed and experienced jeweler to create your bangles for you. With their artistry and your ideas, they will be able to create the most beautiful bangles for you to wear on your wedding day.

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