Designing Your Own Bangles (Chooriyan)


Women have always been fascinated by the world of beautiful bangles. In fact, it is considered that a woman’s dress is incomplete without any bangles. However there are occasions when you just don’t seem to get the right bangle for your attire, in such situations, it is better to follow these tips in designing your own bangles.

Beaded bangles are basically the easiest bangles to make. All you have to do is to collect thin aluminum, plastic or steel wire, beads to your choice, colorful, glossy pages of magazines and glue stick.
Then take a few pages of the magazine to match the beads, and then cut into small pieces. Make tubes of these cuttings, and stick with glue. This has to be added to the chosen wire with the beads.
Silver bangles are better for making glitter bangles
If you had used a plastic wire, then the ends have to be heated to glue them together after filling it with beads and tubes. And if you have used some other wire, make a loop at its ends, and close the wire using beads. Remember to keep these bangles away from water.
If you want to make glitter bangles, you have to collect silver bangles, glitter and hot glue stick of your choice. The hot glue has to be placed around the bangle, and its edges after which the bangles have to be dipped in glitter. Dry the bangles for a minimum of 5 hours, and then just wear the bangles with your matching attire.
Toothbrushes make designer bangles
Another interesting designer bangle is toothbrush bracelets. You need cheap and clear plastic toothbrushes with uniform width, hot water, needle nosed pliers, glass pieces and glass jar of the diameter of your bangle.
Dip the brush into hot water for about five minutes, and then take it out and bend it around the glass jar. At the same time, glass pieces have to be stuck to the warm plastic. Then the brush has to be removed, and put into ice water and wear after ten minutes.
It is also possible to design glitter bangles with bangles from the store. Any type of bangle is okay, but silver bangles are preferable as they have a reflective surface. Hot glue has to be placed around the edges of the bangles after which the bangles have to be dipped in glitter.
This is done better by placing the glitter on a flat surface and designed as required. Leave the bangle aside to dry and then wear with your matching clothes.

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