Bangles and Their Importance to Asian Women

Asian women are beautiful women.  To add to their glamour, they wear ornaments like bangles, mehndi tattoos and saris that flaunt the beauty they have from within.  However, if you think that wearing bangles are only for fashionable reasons, you are mistaken.

Wearing bangles for Asian women, especially the married once are important.  This is because bangles are sign of matrimony.

Wearing the smallest glass bangle on your wedding day is a manifestation that you will have a happy life with your spouse.

Additionally, breaking your glass bangle may signal bad luck for your husband.

While the breaking of your glass bangle is a sign of a bad thing, wearing a red bangle on the other hand is a sign of safety and luck for your husband.

Thus, bangles are important.  This is of course the traditional belief that revolves around bangles.

However, in the modern days, bangles evolve into a significant part of marriage other than safety and luck.

Today, wearing colored bangles for married women mean a lot.  Below you will find the meaning behind the colors of bangles popularly used by married women.

  • Red colored bangle means energy.  You energize your husband by wearing a bangle with the color red.  Of course, in some regions, wearing red bangle means safety, marriage and luck for the husband.  In other regions however, it is green that connotes safety and luck for the husband.  Thus, depending on your region, use the bangle that will bring you and your husband happiness away from danger and closer to happiness.
  • Blue colored bangle on the other hand means tranquility and wisdom.  It gives your husband and may be you, the wisdom to think clearly amidst any situation.
  • Purple is a sign of independence, may be single women use this bangle but of course, married once who feels independent would also be wearing purple colored bangles.
  • Green colored bangle is again a sign of luck and married status.  Women prefer to wear this color to show how happy they are in their married life.  It also serves as a lucky charm for the husband; this is based on other regions’ belief.
  • Yellow bangles are signs of happiness.  If you are happy, you surely want to flaunt it and the yellow colored bangle is a good way to show it to the world.
  • Orange bangles mean success.  Your successful husband may want to buy you this bangle.
  • White bangles are for new beginnings.  Beginning a new life with your husband, white bangle is good for you.
  • Black colored bangles are worn to show power.
  • Silver bangle is a sign of strength.  A strong marriage and family bond may be signified by black bangles.
  • Gold bangles, one that most women would want to wear means fortune.

Glass bangles, on the other hand, have some exciting symbolism like it is a sign of happy and loving marriage.  A wonderful honeymoon as well.  But of course, because it is a glass bangle, you have to be careful because if it breaks, it could be a bad sign for your husband.

You therefore should enjoy wearing your glass bangle but be careful because it may bring bad luck to you and your husband if it breaks.

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