Pakistani Bangle Designs

A very important part of any Pakistani wedding is the bridal jewelry. The bridal jewelry the bride is typically decked with includes rings, bracelets, heavy necklaces and bangles to look as stunning as possible on her special day.

The specialty of Pakistani jewelry is that they are available in a wide range of designs, styles and intricate hand works. This includes the many beautiful Pakistani bangle designs which make the bride’s hands look even more beautiful once worn.

Significance of bangles for Pakistan women

Bangles are decorative ornaments that women in Pakistan have been wearing for not years, but centuries. In fact these bangles have designs that are based on great social and cultural significance in Pakistani history and culture. It can be said that history is mainly responsible for glorifying bangles and making it the epitome of feminine grace on a woman’s body.

Moreover, bangles have a great traditional value as it is considered inauspicious for Pakistani women to be bare armed. This is why they are always wearing some bangles of varied Pakistani bangle designs on their wrists at all times.

Of course, the modern day women may not wear bangles as part of their daily attire as it does not always match their attire or their work atmosphere. However they do wear bangles on special occasions and festivals as bangles to the Pakistani woman is an important part of womanhood and honor.

Typical Pakistani bangle designs

Most of Pakistani bangle designs comprise of a beautiful confluence of precious gems and stones of various colors which are all embedded in white or yellow gold. The designs are set in such a way that they match all the different colors of the bride’s wedding clothes.

It is not necessary that Pakistani bangle designs are always based on gold. There are bangles made of various other materials like metal, plastic, glass, lac, kundan, black metal, beads and even silver.

Bangles are found in various colors, designs and shapes where the most durable of the lot are the gold bangles and the least durable, glass bangles. This is the reason most Pakistani women wear gold bangles everyday and stick to wearing glass bangles only on special occasions.

Though you can buy bangles of any design and material easily from any offline or online jewelry store, if required you can also place orders to have bangles customized as per your ideals or requirements.

Visit the internet for ideas and inspiration

If you have your own ideas for Pakistani bangle designs you can describe them to the jeweler and have them ordered. However if you need some help with designs, you can use the help of the internet to help you.

There are various jewelry sites displaying pictures of beautiful bangles. You just have to take a look at all these pages and Pakistani bangle designs and either have your jeweler create it for you or you could place an order for it through the respective online jeweler stores.

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