Sound of Bangles

Bangles form part of the jewelry in India and are worn in pairs, with a minimum of one bangle on each hand. Different metals are used for making bangles like glass, plastic, gold, silver, brass, platinum, etc. these bangles made from different materials generally produce different sounds of bangles.
This means that there are different sounds of bangles, besides the clanking of plastic and metal bangles. The gold bangles generally give attractive tinkling sounds and is often thought to signify motherhood in Indian women.
Sounds of bangles work as an aphrodisiac
It is because it is after marriage that most Indian women wear many gold bangles as a sign of their feminity. These sounds of gold bangles are usually with a higher and clearer pitch that proves to be very energizing.
In fact, it is because of this pitch and strength that the sound of bangles is used frequently in Hindi movies. The sound of music is usually found in Bollywood movies, to depict the love of one’s bangles and the love for a person. This is mainly because the sound of bangles is considered to be an aphrodisiac, and arouses men.
So definitive is the sound of bangles that just by listening to this sound, it is possible to identify the value of the metal. This is because not only do different metals produce different types of bangle sounds, different densities of the metal will also create different sounds of bangles.
Glass and metals also create different sounds of bangles
With the different densities, you get different sounds of bangles. And it is with these different sounds of bangles that you can get an idea of the silver or gold content of a bangle. In fact, this is a test used today to find out if the silver content in different jewelry like Balinese jewelry, is low or if the jewelry is made using inferior supplies.
Not only do sound of bangles have a part in differentiating the metals used in making bangles, they have an important part in some customs like Islamic customs. According to Islamic customs, women should not jingle her jewelry; making the sound of bangles a taboo for Islamic women.
Metallic bangles produce different sounds of bangles; however in addition to this, glass bangles are also quite efficient in producing sounds of bangles. However this sound is not always pleasing to the ear. It is depending on the thickness, density and texture of these glass bangles that you can hear its sounds.

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