There’s more than what meets the eye with Indian Wedding Bangles

Bangles had been used by women in order to appear more sophisticated and give a beauty boost to their overall look.  But before it was even known as one of the accessories of most chic and glamorous fashion statement, it has been used by Indian women, most especially during their wedding day. The significance of bangles in Indian Weddings then comes into the picture.

In India, bangles had been one of the most essential parts of a wedding.  It is a must for Indian women to wear bangles during their wedding although most girls are allowed to wear these even before marriage.  The bangle is a statement of being married and it is just like the rings worn in western traditions.  Most Indians believed that the smaller the bangles, the happier the marriage will turn out to be.  As part of the tradition, the bride tries to wear the smallest glass bangle with the aid of either her sister or her closest friend.  To make the process easier, scented oil is applied for the bangles to slip in the hands easily.

After the wedding ceremony, the married Indian woman still wears her bangles to attract good luck.  Most Indians believed that wearing these bangles can also bring the husband into safety.  In the meantime, the Indians believed that bangles that are broken or destroyed before the death of a husband is a sign of bad luck.

The colors of the bangles also have different meanings when it comes to Indian wedding cultures.  The gold bangles particularly represent the bride’s virginity or the husband’s wealth.  It also has a strong representation of a romantic bond.  Blue colored bangles symbolized wisdom, red are for energy, green stands for luck, yellow is for happiness and purple is for independence.  Silver bangles means strength while black ones symbolizes power.

Bangles enhance a woman’s outfit by making them more attractive to the opposite sex.  It is viewed as adding more sex appeal to a woman’s appearance.  Even how the bangles sound when the woman move about symbolizes something.  The clinking sound that the bangle produces with a newly-wed Indian serves an invitation to her husband.

With all the significance of bangles worn by Indian women, one cannot actually come to the conclusion that these bangles only serve as a savvy fashion accessory.  It is safer to assure that these bangles serves While in some religions, diamonds are the most precious jewelry and is considered as a girl’s best friend, bangles are rampant in India and is regarded as one of the status symbols mainly reflected on Indian women.

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