5 Natural Fruit Extracts That Result In Glowing Skin

Most of the people are unaware of the fact that beauty secrets are present in their houses particularly in the kitchen. Ladies usually go for shopping mall and hunt for expensive beauty products and spend several thousands in a go. Asian girls are mainly in search of skin whitening products and markets are over flooded with infinite whitening products. Some are in the racks with hefty prices while some are cheaper but, are useless. Most of the girls tests different beauty products that are sold in markets to find the one that is effective for their skin. But, majority of the girls lack the knowledge that some effective whitening ingredients are available in their homes. A study shows that the natural fruit and vegetable extracts can lighten up the skin.  Here are few of the fruits that works wonder for skin and are readily available in kitchen.

Fruit Extracts for Glowing Skin

1.      Calamansi:

The extracts of Calamansi is known for glowing skin because it has vitamin C and natural acid which gives marvelous results in removing dark spots from the body. Some of the skin whitening face washes and soaps have Calamansi extracts as their major ingredient.

2.      Kiwi Fruit:

This fruit has natural health benefits especially for the skin. Whether you wear or eat this fruit. Kiwi is richer in nutrients and vitamins that add to glowing, healthy and shiny complexion.  Kiwi contain significant amount of Vitamin C which is highly needed for collagen production in the body. It contains vitamin E which is the important skin ingredient as well. It also helps in the elimination of dark spots thus, results in radiant skin.

3.      Tomato:

It is the common vegetable/fruit that is available in every kitchen. Tomato is the natural cosmetic and is richer in lycopene and vitamin C which works as anti-oxidants. Acidity in tomato helps in reduction of dirt and makes skin neat and clean.  It is also the best remedy for sun burn as it neutralizes the surface and cools the skin.

4.      Orange:

Oranges are known for vitamin C which gives proven results for glowing skin texture and color. A single piece of orange contains ample extents of antioxidants which is highly beneficial for skin. It removes the skin darkening caused by sunlight exposure. It also helps in the removal of minor scratches, acne scars and the minor burns.

5.      Pineapple:

Apart from extract of vitamin C Pineapple also has rich contents of Alpha Hydroxy acids. It is known for slowing skin aging and gives glowing skin results. It is the best home ingredient to remove mole, wrinkles and the warts because of the natural acid contents. Rubbing the pineapple slices on the skin helps in reduction of blemishes, dark spots and makes skin smooth and clearer.

If you urge to save some money or are scared of using whitening products present in markets these days then, the above mention fruits are the best alternatives for skin. Nothing is best than the natural remedies because it has no negative effects. Interestingly, you can save money and can enhance your beauty simultaneously.

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