Are Hair Fall and Dandruff Your Biggest Problems in Winters?

Cold weather always brings in different problems for all. Some face skin dryness while others have to cope up with cold and flu but some common problems men and women face in winters is hair fall and dandruff. Although both of these problems are same all year long but in winters the intensity of these two problems gets higher.

The sole reason for that is loss of or reduced moisture in the hair. Cold weather badly affects hair and thus becomes one of the most important reasons for hail fall and hair loss. When the scalp skin gets dry and lose maximum moisture content then automatically they affect the health of our hair.

For those people whose biggest problem in winters is hair fall and dandruff should stop worrying about this common but tough issue. In this short write up you will be introduced to some of the most applicable and effective methods to stop hair fall and dandruff damaging your hair and scalp. Most importantly these methods are based on natural ingredients. They are not harmful at all therefore you do not have to worry about it at all.

Natural means are always the best for them when it comes to hair fall and dandruff problems. Many people opt for commercially produced products but they are mostly harmful for the health of your hair since they include harsh chemicals and therefore are not good for you at all.

In contrast to the chemical based and in organic products available in the market, natural remedies are always good for you. The best part about these remedies is that they do not leave any kind of adverse effects on the health of our hair and scalp skin. Some of the natural products are particularly known to be the best for all and are tried and tested by many individuals since years.

According to a research, protein rich foods should be consumed to avoid hair loss. Protein deficiency can lead to dry and brittle hair or cause severe hair loss. Hair loss due to protein deficiency can be prevented by including egg, fish and meat in your diet. Vegetarian sources of protein are found in whole grains, beans and nuts. Vegetable sources have added advantage as they contain more fiber and vitamins and have less fat and cholesterol.

Another natural source to help lessen hair fall problem is aloe vera. It is a wonderful herb that has solution for multiple conditions. You can apply the aloe vera juice in your hair and leave it for some time. After few minutes you can wash your hair thoroughly with mild shampoo. Repeat this process regularly to get rid of dry scalp. This is best among various natural dry scalp remedies.

Another solution is massage with natural oils such as olive oil, almond oil etc. You need to heat them up a little and apply to your hair. Gentle massage will help you feel good and will help relax your nerves. Oil glands are stimulated by this massage and they produce the required oil to the scalp without leaving them dry. Regular massage will give you good results. Massaging is one of the effective natural dry scalp remedies which can help stop hair fall as well.

Thus by adopting natural means and avoiding unhealthy and inorganic remedies, you can control your hair fall to a great extent. A healthy diet and organic remedies can surely help you make your hair look beautiful and healthy in addition to less hair fall.

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