Benefits Of Green Tea For Skin Care

It is clear from many researches that green tea is a complete package of beauty and health. Everyone can get complete benefits from it either by drinking it or by applying it on the skin. Its leaves have a great use in exfoliation that surely gives a healthy glow to your skin. Green tea has good antioxidants that protect your skin. There are different types of green tea that are available in market but the best one is organic green tea that is best for skin and serve best in cleansing purposes. In organic green tea there is no chemical found, so, all the professionals recommended organic green tea for the treatment of pimples and acne and also best serve in purification of skin. Green tea also helps in recovering any kind of skin problem either related to face or other body parts. The most attracting thing about green tea treatment is that it is quite affordable to everyone.
Uses of green tea:
• Green tea help in stopping pre mature aging and fight against free radicals.
• Drinking regularly green tea refreshes your skin and also slows down the process of aging.
• Green tea also protects the skin from UV rays of sun.
• Green tea provides protection from skin cancer. Squeezing half lemon in green tea improves the properties of the skin against cancer.
• Green tea also fight against inflammation, if you have a sensitive skin and you can rash most often then applying or drinking green tea will give you relieve from such problems. Green tea is also beneficial for those having dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis.
• A property of green tea that is anti-bacterial also reduces activities of hormone and removes acne.
• It is also used for fat oxidation and increase metabolism.
Taking few cups of green tea in a day make your skin fresh and glowing, apart from this green tea can also be applied on skin for freshness.
• 100g leaves of green tea soak in mineral water of almost half liter and place at room temperature. Leave it for almost an hour so, extract of green tea mix well in water. Refrigerate this mixture; this water can be sprayed on skin for freshness, cotton pads by dipping in this mixture can be used on face, for soothing and relaxing eyes these cotton pads can also be placed on stained eyes.
• A soft mask of green tea can be used on face that will give quick freshness and glow. In 3tbsp of mayonnaise mix 1sp of organic type of green tea and make a mask. Then, make use of this mask on face but do not use it on eyes. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes then wash with water. After that dry your face and use moisturizer if your skin is dry. This kind of mask on face is best to remove toxins and give it a glowing, soft and silky look.
These are the best uses of green tea for skin care.

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