Best Remedies For Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin is a common problem and many of us go through this condition time to time. Many people misunderstand the difference between dehydrated and dry skin. However, it is clear from the name that dehydrated skin lacks water while the later one lacks oil. For dehydrated skin, one need to treat it properly but for the dry skin one can use serums and creams.

It is easy to treat dehydrated skin if you take the right steps. Before we get into the details of treating dehydrated skin, we must first look into major causes for skin dehydration. Dehydration usually occurs when there is not enough water intakes to replace what you lose during the day. The internal system literally dries out. Many times dehydration occurs for very simple reasons like you do not get enough time to think about drinking water because of sickness or busy schedule or you are unable to get safe drinking water because you are travelling or hiking etc.

Some other major reasons include diarrhea, vomiting, fever, excessive sweating or increased urination.

The best way to treat dehydrated skin is to drink lot of water and fluids to cover up lack of water in your system. Since dehydrated skin can aid to uncomfortable itching, no matter you are a male or female you need to learn how to hydrate your skin. As you age, your skin becomes thinner and oil gland become less effective making you prone to sun damage and vulnerable to wrinkles and dry skin. The best thing is, always try to keep your skin hydrated to delay aging and occurrence of wrinkles. Following beauty tips will help you to keep your skin hydrated for long.

  • Exfoliate:  Dehydrated skins leads to flaky and dead skin. In order to get rid of that, you need to exfoliate. You can use facial scrubs suitable to your skin type to remove dead skin cells.
  • Hydrating Face Masks:  Try using hydrating face masks since they can help to hydrate your skin deep down. Never choose for oil based face masks since they end up in development of black heads and dark spots on your skin.
  • Moisturize: The quickest and the best method to avoid dehydration is to moisturize your skin on a regular basis. Use good quality moisturizers and get rid of dry skin. You can have two different moisturizers, one for the daytime and other one for the night times. Use lighter moisturizer for the daytime since it will not give you oily and shiny. While for the nighttime, you can use a heavier one. By doing so, you can allow it to penetrate deep down the skin over night thus having a long-term hydration.
  • Fluids: Drink a lot of water to provide the necessary fluids to your body and skin. If you cannot drink plain water you can add freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice. You can even try herbal tea bags with some ice.
  • Hydrating foods: Add foods that hydrate skin from inside out. Many of the fruits and vegetables are not only a rich source of fluids but vitamins, minerals and other useful nutrients. Avoid consuming foods that are rich in sodium since they draw water from the body that can lead to dehydration.
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