Best Ways to Keep Your Skin Young and Fresh

Keeping the skin young and good looking is not a difficult task now. There are lots of things that a person can do to have a beautiful skin for whole life. There are following tips that will help you to look beautiful forever.

 Vitamin C enriched cream:

That cream which is rich in vitamin C are best for all skins. It is clear from the researches that when Vitamin C is applied on the skin, it stops the cell damage which cause aging and keep the skin ever young and fresh. By using Vitamin C cream you will surely see better results in a short duration of three months.

Drink plenty of water:

Drinking ample amount of water of almost 8-10 glass every day will keep your skin hydrated and glowing all the time. Water is very important for our whole body.

Tomato juice:

Each day drinking 12 ounces tomato juice is very good for the skin, because tomatoes have that mineral and vitamins which boost the production of collagen in the skin and will keep your skin young and fresh. This process will give you results within 10 weeks.

Doctor’s prescription:

It is very good to get a prescription from your doctor to prescribe any good cream containing vitamin A that will remove fine lines and age spots. In just a few months these creams will increase the production of collagen that will keep your skin young and fresh.


Astaxanthin is very good for skin, it is found in red algae and one can get it from medical store. Other good sources of astaxanthin are spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, egg yolks and pomegranates. They will protect your body from UV rays of the sun and keep your skin young and good looking.

Omega 3 supplement:

Taking omega 3 supplements is an ideal choice for skin that protect your skin from wrinkling and flaking.

Regular exercise:

Regular exercise is helpful in keeping the wrinkles away. Doing aerobic and anaerobic exercises will keep your skin young and good looking.

Balanced diet:

Eat a well balanced diet including fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk all these things help you to keep your skin ever young and fresh.

Avoid stress:

Taking stress and tension makes everyone old but if you want to look young and fresh forever then try to avoid stress as possible. Try to stay calm, as stress causes breakout of the skin.

Avoid sugar:

If you want to avoid sagging of your skin so keep yourself away from sugar. Sugar activates the free radicals that can cause wrinkling.  So, if you want to keep your skin young and fresh then always make ahead toward fruits rather than sugar that will also satisfy sweet-tooth.

Use of good products:

Keep your skin moisturized by using a good moisturizer, toner and a good cleanser. Protecting your skin through these methods also proves best for making your skin beautiful and glowing.

The above mentioned are a few good tips that will help you in keeping your skin ever young and fresh which gives you a pleasing look.

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