Chapped Lips and Feet Are Not Your Problems Anymore!

Winter’s always call for an added skin care. The whole body needs attention during these chilly days since the cold and chilly wind and lack of moisture in the environment harshly affects our skin and thus calls for extra skin care. Those who have dry skin naturally have to pay an extra attention to their skin and body. They have to be more alert and attentive towards their body care than those having oily or normal skin.

Although this is also a fact that the winter season has its own beauty and charm after severe heat of summer we have had so far. With the cold weather we face problems of dry skin. During this period of the year, our skin needs extra care. For a beautiful smile you have to get rid of your chapped lips and for confident gait you need clean and smooth heels. Healthy feet show anyone’s attitude towards their health.

The root cause of skin dryness is lack of moisture in the skin or evaporation rate of moisture in the skin is too high and it mostly occurs during winter season when the air is dry. If skin is not attended properly at that particular time and evaporation rate of moisture remains steady, it can damage and crack your skin severely. Causes of skin damage vary but mostly it happens because the upper protective coat is removed or lacking. Absence of upper protective skin layer contributes more to skin damage.

Lips and heels of feet normally have a very thin oily layer on their surface for protection. Too much licking and poor cleanliness habits cause removal of thin protective layer from lips and heels of feet respectively; this reduces moisture leaving chapped lips and cracked feet behind. Digestive enzymes present in saliva irritate skin and remove thin film of oil from lips. So, avoid licking and clean your feet regularly.

Instant aid for chapped lips is to apply lip moisturizers or petroleum jelly because this will maintain adequate moisture but won’t cure your chapped lips permanently. For permanently smooth and glossy lips, proper intake of water and good eating habits are essential.

For smooth and supple feet, soak your feet in warm water for 20-30 minutes before you sleep daily. Exfoliate your heels and apply good and quality moisturizers on your feet. Cover your feet or wear cotton socks after applying your foot balm. Never forget, supple and smooth feet indicate your hygiene habits. So try to follow a hygienic regime and look good and beautiful as a whole.

By following the above mentioned tips you can solve the dryness problem during winter days. Chapped lips or heels give an odd impression to anyone meeting you and for ladies it calls for an additional care. So better adopt healthy diet plan, drink water as much as you can to avoid dehydration. Vegetables and fruits should be consumed in. These all things will allow you to keep your skin look healthy and will save you from extreme weather conditions during the chilly days.

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