Chocolate and Honey Nourishing Facial Mask

Women love to beautify themselves since they want to look good, young and fresh no matter how old they are. Age, pollution, too much work and tensions are part of everyone’s life. All such factors badly affect their skin. Some ladies do take care of their skin to overcome all such effects but still many of them do not bother much. This can make them old and dull before time. Changing weather conditions can influence the overall skin texture, can get away moisture and can result in severe things like marks, wrinkles and dry and damaged skin. So in such times pampering yourself is much needed to revive your lost beauty and elegance.

Dry weather in winters can make your skin look dull and dry so during the cold days nourishment of your skin is much needed. Skin treatments are widely offered at different beauty salons but why not you do it at home to pamper your skin and give yourself a wonderful time. Chocolate and honey are great ingredients to nourish your skin. For true indulgence you can try this simple mask and can see miraculous results for yourself. With this facial mask you can enjoy the decadence of chocolate and the luxury of a little pampering for no other reason than you deserve it.

If your skin is feeling especially dry, tight or red, this mask will do moisturizing wonders. Filled with organic, wholesome ingredients, you can feel good about using this mask on your delicate facial skin. Apart from being quite tasty, the chocolate in this facial mask will provide your skin with needed antioxidants to fight free fundamentals, UV damage and fine lines and wrinkles. The avocado incorporates skin-nourishing oils and other moisturizing vitamins. And, the almonds and honey both provide skin-softening properties.  It’s simple to make and inexpensive as well. What else you can desire for?

Ingredients For Preparing Mask:

•             1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

•             1/2 avocado

•             10-15 almonds

•             1/2 teaspoon honey

•             1/4 – 1/2 cup water


First of all combine all of the ingredients in a blender or a food processor until they form a smooth mixture. The mask will have a thick consistency, but you need to add enough water to give it a whip creamy texture. Scoop the mixture into a small container.

Cleanse your face before applying the mask. Apply the mask on your face using your fingers making it a smooth layer, avoiding your eyes and mouth. Relax, sip some herbal tea and let the mask get dry for 15-20 minutes. This is a perfect time to soak in the tub! The mask will begin to harden, like most facial masks, but it’s normal.

Gently rinse off the mask after about 15-20 minutes and enjoy your soft, moisturized skin! The leftover facial mask mixture can be kept in the refrigerator for several days. You can use it later on. Since this facial mask recipe makes enough for multiple applications.

Try this excellent and easy to make facial mask and enjoy your beautiful, soft, silky and smooth skin you always wanted to have.

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