Dry Eyes, Causes And Treatments

Eyes needs proper attention, care and treatment one of the most common problems that everyone may face at any stage of their life is dryness of the eyes which may cause due to many reasons. Sometime it may be the result of

  • Any deficiency in the body,
  • Hormonal imbalance,
  • Prolonged use of computer and do not blink your eyes,
  • Use of contact lenses for a longer time also dry your eyes.
  • Working and living in dry places
  • Reading and watching TV or computer and not blinking your eyes
  • Lasik surgery also causes dryness of the eyes as it cuts the nerves which reduce blinking of eyes
  • Certain kinds of medications may also cause dryness.
  • A diet which does not have sufficient fatty acids may cause dryness of the eyes
  • Certain health issues like arthritis, diabetes and some other disease cause dryness of eyes.

So, there are few best tips through which one can treat and reduce the dryness of his eyes.


As water is not a food but it is one of the most important and essential elements of the human body. So, drinking ample amount of water will protect you from drying of the eyes. The requirement of our body of water is very high, about 20% requirement is fulfilled by the food we take and the rest we have to take water to meet the requirements.

Important fatty acid:

We should have to add fatty acid rich food in our diet as it produces an oily layer of our eyes, fatty acid rich foods includes fish and other sea foods. It is clear from a research that those people having dry eyes can recover soon after adding fatty acid In their diet along with vitamin C and B6.

Vitamin A and C:

Vitamin A rich foods like carrot, sweet potatoes, fish oil and many other vitamins A rich foods are included in every diet will also protect your eyes from dryness. One can also use vitamin A drops or tablets to increase the intake of it and they are very good for the health of the eyes. Vitamin C is also very important for the eye and vision so, everyone must have to take vitamin C rich foods.  Similarly zinc and magnesium are also very essential for the health of the eyes.


Antioxidant are those substances which protect the tissues from those radicals which damages the cells. Antioxidant rich food helps you in preventing your eyes from dryness. Fruits rich with antioxidant like dark berries and fresh green vegetables are best for eyes so, everyone must have to include them in their every day diet.


Those having dry eyes have low potassium levels in their body so, they must have to add potassium containing products in their diet. The most famous source of potassium is banana, almonds, dates, figs and kelp are the best source of potassium. Similarly zinc is very important for the better vision of eyes and its deficiency may results in the dryness of the eyes.

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