Easy Manicure and Pedicure Tips To Spell The Magic

Pedicure and manicure are two important things that are usually overlooked by majority of the girls especially, the working ladies don’t spare an hour to get it done. But, it will be a wise idea to know about the pedicure and manicure techniques at home. In this way you don’t have to visit saloons and pay the monstrous prices to give a complete and enchanting look to your feet and hands. Women love money and there is nothing happiest for women than saving few pennies. If ragged or chipped nails are making you mad, here are several ways to make it clean and feel like having a professional treatment from a famous saloon. Here it goes:

Manicure and Pedicure Tips:
• Remove the old nail color with a cotton ball and quality nail remover.
• After, that files the nails into desired shape and length. Go for the square or round shape as these are in vogue these days.
• Now, it’s time to soak feet and hands in slightly warm water. Soak it for about 5-10 minutes. Adding quality liquid soap helps in softening cuticle and nails. But, remember too much hot water ends up into drying skin of hands and feet.
• After soaking apply cuticle lotion or cream over nails bottom to soften and tempering the rough spots.
• Make use of a Popsicle stick or a cuticle stick and remove the cuticles or dead skin for neat and elegant look. If you are an expert or an aficionado and urged for more professional look for nails then, cut back the cuticles.
• Now, go for exfoliation with any homemade mixture or the scrub and wash it gently.
• Apply a good moisturizer. Dry your hands with soft towel and apply any lotion you use in your routine life. Ensure that hands are wiped properly from lotion and are ready for polish.
• Now, have a base coat and then, apply two thin nail polish coats. Allow it to dry and finish it with a nice topcoat to protect your nicely shaped nails.
• If you create mess around don’t go for coats again and again just rub it politely with nail remover to get a neat look.
Pedicure and manicure have almost same procedure and remember, you may not get results immediately but, manicured nail with nice polish coats look far better than fragmented and chipped polish. It is suggested to keep the nail colors at cool dry area and it will serve you for longer time period. Another million dollar tip is that if you are working women and remains busy in office or home chores then; light nail colors are made for you. It is so, light colors are easy to carry and maintain as compared to darker shades.
Women usually spent their time, energy, money and services on buying beautiful clothes, stunning stilettoes, enchanting jewelry, stylish handbags and other accessories but, they are unaware of the fact that stylish clothes, stilettoes and jewelry can’t spell the magic without properly shaped nails, nicely manicured hands and beautiful delicate feet.

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