Easy Summer Foot Care Guide

Summer not only bring hotness and humid temperature it also enfold several problems for feet. When the temperature is hot and your feet are enclosed in fitted shoes it becomes prone to several foot maladies like psoriasis, eczema, fungal infections, blisters and of course embracing stinky feet. Interestingly, there are some easy foot care guides that enable you to keep feet order free and healthy the whole summer. Here are some steps for you to enjoy summer confidently:


  • If you have to wear tight shoes whole day then, feet perspiration is a serious problem. Remember, moistures give birth to fungal infections plus it also makes you prone to bacterial colonization that produce bad odor. Wash feet frequently but, don’t forget to dry them completely before wearing shoes back.
  • It is largely suggested to make use of open sandals in summer to allow feet to breathe and to keep them dry. Pack up your heavy hot boots that promotes foot sweating. Avoid making use of sandals having thongs that gets fitted between toes because it may be irritating to foot and can cause blisters.
  • Make use of food powders because it helps to absorb excessive moisture that breeds bacteria and fungi. A slight scented powder enables feet to feel refreshed and relaxed. There are innumerable feet powders in the markets unscented and scented. You can also get powders with antifungal and antibacterial attributes.
  • If you have a job where you have to walk a lot or you love to walk go for professional massage every week or after fifteen days. It is a best stress reliever.
  • Change socks frequently because it will avoid the accumulation of moistures on feet which makes foot susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections. In summer, wear clean and dry socks and change twice a day if you feel its need.
  • Majority of the people are unaware of the importance of sun screen. Feet are also subjected to sunburns like other body parts. Make use of sun screen having at least SPF15 when your feet are exposed to sun.
  • Locker rooms are considered as the public place for bacterial and fungal growth that can cause serious foot infections. Make use of sandals or any alternative when walking around the public locker rooms.
  • If you are an avid walker or are a runner must invest in some ideal exercise shoes that gives perfect support and helps prevent injuries. Always opt shoes that are specially designed for that specific sport. Aerobic shoes will never work marvelously for a runner because every sport has its own specific needs and then, works accordingly. Try quality shoes and you will be surprised with comforts it offers to you.

Above are some easy and simple foot care tips and can be followed by everyone without any difficulty. These steps involves no medications so, there will be no issue of side effects. In return you will get problem free, beautiful and fresh feet even in summer. One important point never forgets to have quality shoes always.


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