Easy Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer not only brings hot weather but, complications as well regarding hair style, makeup and of course skin. Combination of sunshine and heat make it extremely difficult to maintain looks and to sustain style statement everywhere. In some cases too much exposure to skin badly damages the skin texture, color and the color of hair as well.

When we talk about summer preparations, skin care holds the first place because girls can’t compromise on their looks. With some useful skin care summer tips you don’t have to worry about   sun, humidity, sweating and heat. Taking care of skin in summer is not difficult at all you just have to make slight changes in your routine life. The main focus lies on cleansing of skin and proper usage of the natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables and water.

Some useful and easy skin care tips in summer are listed below.

Summer Skin Care Tips:

  • Make use of sunblock but, don’t opt heavy SPF sun blocks like 100 SPF because it makes a thick layer on skin and stop your skins from breathing. Sun blocks with maximum 35 SPF are suitable for skin and offers protection from harmful radiations. Sun block not just provides protection from sun cancer but, also protects from various side effects like dry skin, painful sun burns and wrinkle formation. Don’t forget the application of lotion several times a day as well it maintains moistures on skin.
  • Wash face with mild medicated face wash and buy face washes according to your skin nature. Never make use of fairness face soaps and face washes because it contains bleach which enhances the sun effects on skin. Never ever go to bed without clearing makeup in summer and even in winters as well. Wash face deeply with facial cleanser and apply a toner to ensure complete protection.
  • Drink as much water as you can. Add about 10-12 glasses of water every day along with fresh fruits and vegetables. Addition of juices just completes the skin care story.
  • Green tea works wonder when it comes to skin. It brings a natural glow to skin and also protect skin against sun. It also enables skin to fight against the harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Application of fruits and vegetables also brings the natural glow on skin and keeps it healthy and shiny. Application of tomato juice on skin for 20 minutes freshen the skin and helps in scars removal.  You can also apply cucumber juice on skin and can make use of face washes with cucumber extracts.  Potato and cucumber slices are best for removal of dark circles.

In summer, skin demands little extra efforts and time but, reward with mind-blowing results. Above mentioned tips are easy to follow and are affordable as well. Slight changes in your routine diet and little time to apply the natural items on face did the miracles. Water melon is a summer fruit, eat as much as you can and enjoy healthy pink skin even in hot and humid summer. Make your summer beautiful ladies!

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