Get Rid Of Sun Tan With Amazing Home Based Beauty Tips

Unlike westerners, Asians usually are not fond of sun-tanned skin. They do not admire sun-tanned skin and find it unwanted and unattractive. This is why many people complain about sun-tanned skin during the summer season. Although it is not that easy to get rid of tanned skin but still there are many natural ingredients and cosmetic products too that can help reduce tan effectively.

If you are facing similar problem, you need not to fret. This short write up is aimed to help you get rid of sun tan without putting much effort on your part. Following beauty tips are simply amazing and highly practical so do not hesitate and reduce tanning by trying them.

  • Mixing lemon, rose water and cucumber juice as a face pack can have amazing effects. Lemon juice contains  citric acid and this helps in removing tan and dark spots. Cucumber juice and rose water are cooling agents so they help in providing a refreshing feeling.
  • One of the best anti tan mixtures can be a mixture of honey and lemon juice. This helps largely in removing tan.
  • Prepare a paste of raw milk, lemon juice and turmeric powder. Mix it well and apply it on your face or affected area. Allow this paste to dry up on the skin and washed away with cold water.
  • Application of mixture made from curd, gram flour and limejuice on the affected area give visible results. Regular application gives best results against tanning.
  • A mixture of buttermilk and oats is good for removing tan. This mixture offers exfoliating properties so rubbing it on your skin can be of great assistance. Oats are good for exfoliation and butting milk has great soothing properties.
  • Lemon juice has bleaching properties naturally and application of pure lemon juice on dark spots and patchy areas of the body help remove tan efficiently.
  • When it comes to using natural products in raw form, fresh coconut water is very helpful in getting rid of tan. It also helps to soften your skin.
  • Aloe Vera gel is an amazing remedy for removing dark tans. It can help lighten the skin color in very little time. If you apply daily to the affected area, it will hardly take a week or so to give you visible results.
  • Another great remedy can be a cream with equal parts of milk powder, limejuice, almond oil and honey. It should be applied for at least 20 minutes daily. This will help lighten the tan. It can be stored for a week or so.
  • Make a paste of soaked almonds for 7 to 8 hours and add milk cream to it. Application of this mixture helps remove tan and makes your skin fairer.
  • Use mashed papaya pulp on the darker areas of the skin to make them lighter and fairer.
  • Applying potato slices on the darker areas of the skin can be of great help in making them lighter with no side effects.
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