Hair Care Treatments Straight From Your Kitchen

Staying beautiful is not something for which you always have to break a bank. You can maintain and regain your beautiful looks for years with proper care, good diet and by using some good skin care products. Same is the case goes with hair. You can have beautiful, soft, silky and shiny hair if you take care of them properly. For that you do not have to buy expensive hair care treatment products by leading companies. You can opt for natural ingredients. Trusting nature is far more beneficial than going for chemical rich products. The way we prefer natural ingredients to consume in for internal nourishment of our body then why not we can choose natural ingredients to take care of the outside of our body. Here I would like to mention an important thing that if you do not know about the exact ingredients and right quantity of oils or some other ingredients then it’s better to avoid them rather than wasting your hard earned cash and ending up with none other than a mess.  Here are some details about the most beneficial hair care treatments and ingredients you can use without hurting your pocket much.

Coconut Oil:  It is considered to be nature’s perfect gift to moisturize your hair and skin as well. It has a property to repair even the most damaged hair and some experts state that rubbing it on your scalp can help improve your hair growth as well. You can apply coconut oil on your hair can cover your head after a good massage. Leaving it for 6 to 8 hours is fine and after that you can take shower to wash your head. After washing your hair you will notice you hair become soft and silky and you can bask in their loveliness.

Moisturize Dry hair:  To soften and moisturize your dry hair you can use an effective home care treatment and for that you need to add a tablespoon of oil together with an egg yolk to a cup of yogurt. Mix them all well to form a smooth mixture and apply it to your hair. After leaving it for almost three hours you can rinse it with regular shampoo. After first application you will notice your hair will be smooth, soft and shiny.

Egg and Lemon: By mixing few tablespoons of lemon juice with an egg you can apply them to your hair for 15 minutes before shower. This mixture will condition your dull hair to provide you shiny, beautiful hair.

Honey and Olive Oil: Honey is not only a good sweetener but also with its excellent properties it can lock in moisture into your hair. When it is mixed with olive oil it gives shine and soothes dry hair.

Henna: Henna has also proven to be a wonderful hair conditioner. Not only it is a natural hair dye but it is a very good hair conditioner as well. By mixing an egg, lime juice and a bit of yogurt if needed with a cup of henna powder you can apply this mixture to your hair. Leaving it till it dries out you can shampoo your hair. You will notices wonderful results. You can use it once a month.

Thus some of the above mentioned homemade hair care treatments are worth enough for you to make your hair look soft, silky and shiny without spending too much. No need for fancy hair care products anymore; with the right conditioning solution you can restore shine and can make them look fantastic for years.

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