Hair Color Trends for the Winter Season

Like any other women do you love your hair? Do you want to make your hair look strong and shiny? Would you like to style your hair like professionals do it? Most of the women love to have lovely and silky long hair with which they keep on trying on different colors and shades. Particularly if we talk about hair coloring, there is a wide selection of hair dyes available and ladies try on countless shades and colors for hair dying and streaks.

In order to look good in certain hair color or shade you have to take care of an important aspect and that is skin tone. Skin tone plays a vital role when it comes to hair color. Not every shade goes for all skin tones.  This short write up will discuss about hair colors and skin tones, continue reading and get to know about details.

  • For people having fair skin and dark hair color can try on many shades.  But dark colored hair cannot have the right tone of the color you want to die. So you have to bleach them first to get the right hair color for you. You can try for high lights. For highlights shades like blonde, red, light brown or chocolate brown are better choices.
  • For people with fair skin and light hair color can try on darker shades. Dark layers of different shades suit this complexion well. Try on blues and purple shade goes well for this hair tone.
  • People with wheatish skin tone and dark hair color an try on dark plum shades and brown tones. Wheatish skin tone and darker hair colored people can try on low lights too. But for that to make low lights visible you need to have suitable hair cut. The most preferable color choices are maroon, brown, dull red etc. Make sure you keep your profession and age group in mind before choosing a shade for you.
  • People with dark skin and dark hair have lesser choices when it comes to hair colors. Since the hair shade is already dark so hair color can be restricted to maroon and brown shades. It is highly recommended to go for hair colors that are near to the natural hair color. It is recommended to go for those shades which you can carry easily.
  • No matter which skin tone you have, never try odd hair colors like pink or yellow or green etc. No need to make yourself look like a cartoon.

Try on these recommended colors of the winter season and feel great about yourself by look stylish and trendy.

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