Home Remedies for Reducing Breast Size

Although every woman wants bigger size breasts so that they can look more attractive and alluring. But there are some cases in which women are suffering from excessive breast enlargement, which may not only causes various complications like severe pain in shoulders, back and neck, breathlessness but also social issues making a woman feel awkward in front of people .As every woman wants a perfect shaped body, she dreams to have normal breasts neither big nor small.

Let’s have a look at the various causes of breasts enlargement:

  • Breast size increases due to the high level of hormone called estrogen, so if a body creates estrogen more than the normal level, breast size increases.
  • Pregnancy is also a major cause of breasts enlargement due to hormonal changes but gets shorten after childbirth.
  • Weight is also an important factor, increase in weight can cause increase in breast size. Reason behind it is the fat deposition in different body tissues including breasts.
  • Breast enlarging may also due to family genetics, depending upon both the mother and father.
  • Some medications can also increase breast size as a result of the adverse effects by their usage; these dugs include chemotherapeutic drugs, steroids and marijuana.

Use of various OTC drugs and cosmetic surgery will give you perfect results but their side effects will surely give you some life alarming circumstances. So natural therapies are more preferred;

Home Remedies for Reducing Breast Size

  1. Green tea with honey will be helpful to reduce breast size,
  2. Flaxseeds as they have omega 3 fatty acids,
  3. Ginger tea, neem and turmeric,
  4. Use onion juice and egg white,
  5. fenugreek seeds
  6. Intake of citrus fruits.
  7. Consume fish like tuna, salmon etc.
  8. Eat nuts like almond, walnut etc.
  9. Light weight lifting.
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