Homemade Tips To Remove Facial Hair

There are many quick, organic and affordable ways with which you can remove unwanted body/facial hair. One of them is the Sugaring, which has been known and used for long now and which can pluck the hair from its root. It’s made of a mixture of sugar, water and lemon. It is supposed to be a long-lasting method of hair removal.

A lot of people think that sugaring is better than regular waxing as it does not really harm the surface of your skin and the pain is much less than that caused by sugaring, as it doesn’t adhere much to the skin. Also, when it comes to sugaring you can easily wash up any remaining residues once you’re finished using warm water. So, this should be the quick and easy way to remove hair. On the other hand, waxing slices can be used more than once when washed well after use.

This is what you would basically want to have before attempting to prepare the mixture: first, get a full cup of sugar, a quarter cup filled with honey, an ounce of squeezed lemon juice. Bring, as well, a knife; some cotton bands that you should cut from any unwanted or old cotton material; cut accordingly each 7.5* 25 CM in width and length.

Now put the contents in a container for microwave use; leave in there for two minutes then take out. Be careful while touching it as the mixture traps heat very well. When the paste has a bit of creamy look and shape, start using it but if it’s still too much of liquid, put it back into the microwave for more 30 seconds. Now, leave it outside for a while to release the heat and when you think it is not too hot, start applying it to the specified areas. But be careful with your skin and the heat of the mixture.

First of all, you have to clean and dry the areas that you are planning to treat very well. Start spreading the mixture on your skin with any flat shaped item; make sure the mixture is spread on the same direction your hair grows, now place the cotton rectangle-shaped cloth that you cut onto the mixture and move your fingers on it up and down; then attempt pulling the band off your leg and against the direction of hair growth. You can repeat the process again and again with any area in your body. However avoid retouching the same area of skin with the sugar strips and try to use Aloe Vera oil or any cream to soothe the effect.

Sugaring can take long to master but people reported that it is one of the best and most reliable ways. First, you can remove any remaining residue with water and keep the unused mixture preserved in a cool place; preferably the fridge.

Homemade Tips on Facial Hair Removal:

A mixture of milk and turmeric has been a facial hair removal tradition used by the Indians for decades. Surprisingly enough, some people reported that it stops hair from growing as it has been before. You can use this technique to get rid of facial hair that is light and fine in nature. First, make sure you are ready with the ingredients: Half teaspoon Turmeric Powder, which can be found in any natural remedy shop; add one cup of chickpea flour and then add some milk.

Prepare the Mixture for Facial Hair Removal:

First, put all the contents on one container and stir very well to get a creamy mix that you can spread on your face. Then, spread evenly the mixture on the areas that you want to treat. Afterwards, rub very carefully and smoothly in a circular direction then leave the cream mask to dry for 20 minutes then rinse it well with cool water.

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