How to Do a Pedicure at Home?

Whatever you do, your feet take the most strain. Isn’t it time to know how to take care of the hardiest part of your body for your own good and beauty? Calloused feet might be a hallmark of tiresome work and hectic schedules but they certainly aren’t a pretty sight, are they? Follow these simple steps to make your feet as beautiful as your face.

1.       Gather the Gear:

So the first step that you need to take is to get whatever is required for a successful pedicure. So pull out your pens and note the following: a bucket or a tub in which you will be able to soak your feet; items to pamper your toenails such as clippers and nail polishes and remover; lotions and creams that must be moisturizing; and finally a scrub or a stone to rub your heels upon.

2.       Stains of the Past:

Before you go any further, please remove all nail polishes from your toe nails. Reason: once your feet are soaked, it’ll be clumsy to do so. Give your feet a fresh beginning right from the start. If you are a nail polish lover, the good news for you is that the official pedicure done throughout the world includes the part about nail polishes as a necessary step. So don’t worry; we will get back to your toenails later.

3.       It is Time for a Hot Bath:

Yes it is, but not for your entire body. The protocol is only for your feet. Fill the tub with hot water and add a cleanser or oil or even a shampoo in it. The basic principle is to add a detergent like effect so as to remove all dirt and dust effectively. The hot water gradually eats up the hardest callosities, causing them to soften. Soak for at least ten minutes before taking your feet out.

4.       The Nail Art:

So we return to your nails. It is time now to raise your feet for a few minutes for trimming your nails and scraping off the old cuticle. When you cut your nails, remember that you should not trim them in a circular pattern, the pattern that most of us so often follow. Reason: this will increase your susceptibility to in grown toe nails, a painful and unsightly condition. Cuticle should be handled only with its trimmers only. If you do not know have the tool, kindly avoid this step otherwise you might scrape off the cuticle with a visible scratch.

5.       Work the Magic of the Stone:

Use the stone or the scrub, whichever you have, to clean your skin, especially the thick one at your heels. This will remove the dirt while keeping the skin soft. Remember, however, to avoid rubbing forcefully or rubbing for too long. Soaking in hot water already makes your skin soft and tender, and added friction over it might do more harm than good.

6.       Dry  and Massage:

Now take out your feet from the hot water and dry them up gently. Apply a good moisturizer and massage gently. It is highly recommended that you keep your feet after this, for example, by wearing socks. You can apply nail polish all you want before this step.

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