How To Improve Your Skin Complexion – Top 5 Ways

All the women want to have healthy and clear skin. Good and shining skin is also associated with a good health condition and is a good beauty perception. As we are human beings and our skin get changed with the passage of time it may be due to many reasons either due to insufficient diet, weather condition, environmental influences or may be due to many other reasons. As skin comprises of the greater portion of our body and it needs greater attention and care. Most of the people are in search to get the answer of the question how one can improve their complexion. There are innumerable ways through which can clear up their skin tone.

1. Well balanced diet:

First of all well balanced diet is very important for every kind of skin problem. A healthy diet includes nutritions, vitamins and all the essential nutrients. For this you have added vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, fish and pulses as nutrients play an important role in clearing up your skin. Eating black berries and green vegetables are the foods having good antioxidants are helpful to fight with free radicals which affect the elastin and collagen of the skin that make your skin dull.

2. Drinking ample of water:

Uneven skin texture and tone is mainly caused by the dryness of the skin. Dryness is the results of insufficient hydration of skin that make your skin dull. So, always drink 10-12 glasses of water that will keep your skin moisturized. Drinking ample of water plump up the skin and that will minimize the large pores and wrinkles on the skin. With the advancement in age, skin loses the ability to maintain the moisture so, drinking plenty of water is very essential.

3. Exfoliation:

Many of you will be wondering why Hollywood stars have young and glowing skin whatever their age limit will be. If you wish to have a glowing and smooth skin then exfoliation is the ideal choice. It does not matter how many times you will wash your skin, with exfoliation the dead and dry skin will be removed. With the formation of dead and dry skin appears dryer, duller and older that make you less pretty. This will give you a dull and dark complexion. You can exfoliate your skin with scrub or can use any exfoliate chemical to remove your dead skin. These are available in the form of mask, fruit acid, beta and alpha hydroxy lotions and creams.

4. Sun protection:

Sun is very damaging to skin as people residing either in hot or cold climate but always apply sunscreen on your skin. Everyone must have to use a cream or lotion that must have an SP 15 for normal climate but those living in hot climate have to use SP 30 or more.

5. Cleansing:

Cleansing is very important for every skin it will remove all the dirt and dust from the skin. So, it is highly recommended to cleanse your skin every night before going to bed. It will make your skin clear and improves your complexion by removing all the dirts and dead skin that make your complexion dull.

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