How to Manicure at Home: Some Useful Tips

Well- kept and groomed hands and nails tell so much about anyone’s personality. Due to continuous arduous jobs, routine chores, cooking and washing clothes and dishes, most of the times women forget to look after themselves. This results in itchy and dry hands with uneven or broken nails. Many women find it easier visiting a parlor but not all can manage with time and expenses. This is when you need to treat yourself a little special. By following the tips mentioned as follows to do a manicure at home you can easily enjoy something similar like spa treatment. However, some may think that doing manicure at home might be stressful and hard to manage but it is not like that. Continue reading and get to know about some useful tips and tricks.

Things You Need  to Do a Manicure at Home:

Take a small bowl, a tub filled with warm water. A hand scrub, nail filer, heel filer, cuticle softener, a hand cream, cuticle pusher, shiner, base coat, upper coat, nail color you would like to apply, Nail polish remover, any old tooth brush and a towel.

Steps to do a manicure at home:

Step 1 to do a manicure at home:

To start with, you might need to arrange a tub or any pot filled with warm water to soak your hands. It is good to choose a place where you might feel comfortable in soaking your hands for around 10 to 15 minutes. If you have applied any nail color, it is good to remove nail paint using nail paint remover. Wash your hands afterwards and then dip in water for 10 to 15 minutes. Adding in hand soak in water will help. It will create bubbles when you move your hands in water. If you do not have any hand soak you can always add in body wash you use regularly.

Step 2 to do a manicure at home:

Now take your hands out of the water and pat dry using a soft towel. After that, apply cuticle softener to each nail at the root. For those who do not have one, they can apply olive oil on each nail. This will soften the cuticles and will allow you to push them back or cut it if you like.

Step 3 to do a manicure at home:

For those who have hard nails, they can cut and shape the nails now. Hand soak makes them a bit soft to be cut easily. It is up to you what shape and length you would like to have. Cut them and file properly. It is good to use glass or metallic file to shape your nails. After shaping, buff them.

Shaping Nails:

It depends on your lifestyle that what nail shape and size you should have. Some women are used to having longer nails while others cannot manage daily chores with long nails. For those who decide to have short nails must decide about the shape as well. Square shape is much in vogue and looks stylish. However, square nails make your fingers look shorter. You can always go for round shape if your fingers are short.

Always file your nails in one direction. Complete the task by buffing the nails so that the surface of your nails remains smooth. It is recommended not to buff the nails too much since it can damage the nail bed.

Step 4 to do a manicure at home:

Now it’s time to remove the cuticle softener since it was already there for 5 minutes. Take a cotton ball or tissue paper to remove the cuticle softener from the base. It is best to push the cuticle back to void any discomfort. You can even get a cuticle pusher from any beauty store if you like to have one.

Step 5 to do a manicure at home:

After pushing back cuticles, the next step is to scrub your hands. It is good to use hand scrub for this. Hand scrubs are usually mild and do not damage the hand skin. They are formulated to gently remove the dead skin off your hands. Massage well for some time to remove dead skin from your hands and fingers gently.

Step 6 to do a manicure at home:

After removing dead skin off your hands and fingers, you need to a nail scrubber. You can also use any old toothbrush if you do not have nail scrubber with you. The brush bristles will clean the nail surface one by one. It will help cleaning the underside of the nails too. Keep scrubbing between the nails and nail bed and under your nails one by one until all are done.

Step 7 to do a manicure at home:

Once scrubbing is complete, now you need to massage the hands with any foot oil or massage cream. Any of these available to you will be helpful. If you have someone with you, you can ask him or her to to the job for you. It will be more relaxing and enjoyable if anyone does that for you. For those having dryness on hands should apply heavy cream and wear hand gloves for some time to moisturize your hands and soften the skin well.

Step 8 to do a manicure at home:

By this time, you will start noticing visibly softer and cleaner hands and nails. Now apply your favorite nail color. You can even go for any color matching to your dress. At first, apply base coat and let it dry. Now apply nail paint and allow it to dry. It is good to stroke smoothly and apply second coat to intensify the color. You can even wear hand gloves once the nail paint is dry and sleep at peace. Once you get up you will have the beautiful pair of hands you always wanted to have.

It is an incontrovertible fact that women always yearn to look her best in all respects. In this post, we have covered wide-ranging tips on manicure at home. These tips will surely assist you to have moisturized hands and beautiful nails at home. You will not need to visit any beauty parlor to have it done for you next time since you can do it yourself at ease without stepping out of your house.

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