How to Take Care of Your Hands and Feet in Winter?

Winter is favorite weather to many people living on this planet. However, with the arrival of winter there is more need of taking care of your hands and feet. Most people ignore the treatment of hand and feet while others neglect beauty treatment of these two important organs in summer as well. Every  weather has some sort of impact on the appearance of our skin and organs but winter can be very cruel and harsh. Many individuals complain of feeling too much cold and they keep their hands and feet covered with gloves and socks. While some people hardly care for protecting them and forget daily care of these body organs. All those living in areas where cold weather has just started they should prepare their hands and feet to welcome winter.

Beauty treatment for your hands and feet requires a little effort. You can take care of your hands and feet by following nighttime and daytime procedures. You can use a good nighttime cream to prepare your hands for performing chores in the daytime like washing and cleaning and so on. You can buy a jar of moisturizing cream or go for petroleum jelly for your hands and feet. Start with massaging the petroleum jelly or hand cream in to the skin of your hands. Do not neglect your feet and massage them as well taking care of the cracked soles. Soak your hands and feet with petroleum jelly if you find the skin dry and brittle so that your skin can soak all the moisture and your skin can rejuvenate itself overnight. Do not leave your hands and feet with petroleum jelly or heavy skin conditioning formula like that. You may mess your bed sheets and clothes. After applying thick layer of jelly or crème wrap a shopping bad or plastic wrap on your hands and feet. This would help you keep your hands and feet warm and at the same time repair your cracked skin.

Taking care of your hands and feet begin with proper cleansing and exfoliation. You should exfoliate your skin regularly to get rid of dead skin and dirt stuck in pores. It is not only requirement of your skin but it is very important for your health as well. Exfoliation of your hands and feet skin would help in lightening the pigmentation and also brighten your skin complexion. By removing dead skin you will give room for new cells to grow and your hands and feet would stay younger and look beautiful.

Drink a lot of water daily. Water is excellent tonic for your skin especially for your hands and feet. However, when you have to work with water and soap do not forget to wear gloves to protect the skin of your hands. Soaps and detergent are usually made of alkaline and harsh chemicals. These chemicals can destroy the gentle skin of your hands. You should use petroleum jelly or a good quality moisturizing lotion after every time you have used soap and water. You can also use some almond oil or any oil of your choice and massage it gently in to your skin. The oil will help in balancing the natural oils in your skin. Use masks for hands and feet. Give yourself manicure and pedicure on regular basis. You should manicure and pedicure minimum once in a month. Use natural remedies to bring back gentleness, softness and shine to your skin. For very dry hands and for making the skin on your hands and feet very soft you can use natural bee wax. Heat natural bee wax and apply it with a brush on your hands and feet. Maintain a thin layer of wax and let it cool down completely. Keep it on for around 20 to 25 minutes for best results. Afterwards take the wax off by gently rolling it down your hands and feet.

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