How To Treat Eyelashes Dandruff?

Many of you have often encountered the problem of eyelashes dandruff and it is usually because of dry scalp. Many of us usually ignore this condition and is considered to be very dangerous if not treated properly at its earliest and leads to eye lashes deterioration and falling off.

Lash line dandruff can be because of the Seborrheic dermatitis.  Your system might be intoxicated because of high caffeine, junk food, less water and high alcohol intake and cause your skin to suffer. It can become the cause of blocked pores on the eyelashes. However, no one knows exactly about the causes of lash line dandruff, irrespective of its cause you have to treat it aptly.

Simple Eyelashes Dandruff Treatments:

Infinite number of treatments are available to get rid of eyelash dandruff but, as the eyes are the most sensitive part of human face so, home remedies will make a good choice for all. Eyelashes are very close to the eyes and no one can take the risk of direct chemical contact. Direct chemical contact to eyelashes may cause irritation and can severe the situation.  Below are some useful home remedies for lash line dandruff.

  • To a significant extent you can prevent eye lash dandruff by using a quality drug store soap having pyrithione zinc or tree oil as the essential ingredients. It is because of the fact that this helps combat yeast germ that either cause or contribute to dandruff accumulation. However, you have to make sure that it didn’t get in the eyes. Wash face several times  a day depending on the harshness or severity of lashes dandruff.
  • Use diluted baby shampoo to clean the upper and lower lash line properly with the help of cotton swaps. Repeat this exercise for 3-4 times for each lash and enjoy immediate marvelous results sooner.
  • If excessive dryness of your eyelid is the reason behind eyelashes dandruff then, use slightly warm almond oil and massage gently over the eyelid every night before going to bed. It will definitely help  to  revive, regrow and restore the eyelashes that may fall because of the dandruff.
  • One thing, avoid using lemon juice on your lash line because it can damage and can irritate your eye. No doubt, one can use lemon juice for scalp dandruff, but it is harmful for the lashes and eyes.
  • If your lash line dandruff situation is getting severe with the passage of time and you have noticed flakiness of eyebrows and lids then, you need to consult a dermatologist without wasting a second. It is because dandruff or blepharitis of the eyelid is burning up.
  • Try to add fresh fruit juices, vegetables and fruits to your diet. Avoid using excess amount of alcohol, caffeine and junk food. For more outstanding results take boiled vegetable. Take about 8-10 glasses water every day.

Apart from the aforesaid treatments never ever hesitate in visiting a dermatologist because sometimes things that seems minute become the cause of a monstrous storm.

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