Important Tips To Care Your Skin During Winter

Winter is the dry and cold season where more care and attention is needed. Proper attention should be paid to keep the skin layer moist. In winter time, low humidity becomes the reason of redness, itching and dryness. The high sensitivity can cause cracking, scores and even cause eczema. To avoid these skin problems there are a few suggestions that help you in winter season.

Moisturize frequently:

Use of moisturizer in winter is the important point to remember every time and that cannot be ignored. After taking shower must use lotion or cream that removes the dryness of your skin. Before applying any makeup to your skin must use any cream or moisturizer on your skin. Before exercise or work out it is better to remove all makeup from your skin otherwise pores on your skin will get clogged with perspiration. It’s better to keep some body lotions and moisturizer in your handbag or gym, so you can use it after taking shower. Also use any good branded night cream before going to bed and after removing your makeup. Good moisturizing and nourishing elements include oil of grape seed and Shea butter. Products for anti-aging are good because these products have all the natural ingredients. They contain high content of moisturizing element.

Must use sun block:

During summer most of the people use sun block to protect their face from sun block. But they usually ignore to use sunblock in winter while in winter due to your activities you may face more sunburn and windburn which results in dryness, itching, redness and at last in flaking and peeling. One can get more protection from sunscreen having zinc oxide but one must have to use moisturizer  before sunscreen. Otherwise, zinc oxide results in irritation and dryness. While doing skiing, must put ski mask and also get goggles and sunglasses. Eye areas are very sensitive for must protect it otherwise you will get old before time.

Do not use peels and harsh cleansers:

Those people who are using cleanser and face wash, in winter they have made some changes in the products and use those products which are specially designed for winter season to remove the dryness. You must want to avoid irritation, redness and itching in winter so, always choose a gentle and soft cleanser and face wash, those products which contain extract of kiwifruit and manuka active honey as they are good for your skin.

Manuka honey contains good healing properties which cut down the irritation and infection risk. It contains antioxidant and its properties are helpful in stopping the damage of free radicals which cause age spots, wrinkles and many other visible aging signs.

These are just few and good skin care tips for winter season, people face many skin problems in winter while in summer they don’t face any problem apart from those people who have extraordinary sensitive skin. Honey is also very good for keeping your skin young and fresh in the winter. Rose water, lemon and glycerine mixture is good to use in winter before sleeping and wash with lukewarm water in the morning.

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