Natural Beauty Tips for Women With Dark Skin Tone

Women, no matter of which origin they are, which country they belong to, are they black or white? They love beautifying themselves and it is a never ending desire. Usually ladies with dark color tone face a lot of troubles since 9 out of 10 women want to have a fair complexion. So those who are tan or have dark skin tone usually are found to carry out such a tiring and difficult task of getting a fair complexion.

Natural beauty tips for darker skin tone incorporate many of the natural ingredients that serve the best for all those having dark tone. Although it is a proven fact that dark color is highly attractive and people having dark tone look really cool and adorable. Dark color tone always has a special attraction and women with darker tones look more appealing as compared to those with fair complexion. But still many of those having darker tone want to have fair complexion. If you are one of those you need not to worry at all. You can have so many beauty tips including natural ingredients to achieve a fair complexion. In the past it was quite hard to find out effective and easy beauty tips with least side effects but now it has become fairly easy to locate some very useful and effective skin care products right in your kitchen.

Natural beauty tips for dark skin tone can be found in your kitchen

There are so many natural ingredients right there in your kitchen. Many of them are highly effective and work really well for dark skin tones and the best part is they do not leave adverse effects on the skin. Unlike, chemical based creams, formulas; solutions etc available in the markets these days, these ingredients are fairly effective. These include cocoa butter, gram flour, lemon, salt, honey, sugar and many more. All these if used properly can work really well and help you get your desired results.

Natural exfoliate beauty tips for dark skin tone

Cocoa butter has proven to be a natural moisturizer and it can be used to reduce dark tone, stretch marks, pigmentation etc and leaves behind soft and smooth elbow and knee skin. You can use cocoa butter two times a day. It is easily available at health food and organic food shops.

In addition to that you can exfoliate your skin to get smooth and softer skin to relish in. All you need to do is to take sea salt in a bowl and add in orange juice to make a paste. Apply this paste onto your skin and rub it in circular motion. After that rinse with cold water to tighten pores and

After that moisturize your face with cocoa butter and by following this process you can have a fair skin tone and a glowing look as well.

Sweeten your dark skin tone with the help of natural beauty tips

Sugar is another great source to exfoliate your dead skin leaving behind soft, smooth and fresh looking skin. Mix a few drops of water in some sugar to make it a paste yet having sugar crystals in it. Apply it to your skin and leave it for a few minutes. After that exfoliate gently and wash away with cold water.

Also a great moisturizer can be honey and yogurt mask. Mix both of the ingredients in equal amounts and mix them properly. You can apply this mixture on your skin while bathing. Rinse it away after 8 to 10 minutes time. After bath apply a natural moisturizer to have soft and smooth skin. Making it a habit will help you get a fairer complexion. But it will take some time so be patient.

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