Natural Tips for Breast Enlargement

Every woman wants to have a perfect body shape for which it’s necessary to have bigger breasts. How to grow breasts without surgery is something all women are dreaming of. Follow these tips and share with your loved ones as well.

Natural Tips for Breasts Enlargement

  • Do some exercise like push-ups or lift dumbbells, which will make your pectoral muscles more strong as these muscles are located below the breast, this will definitely enhance your breast size. Breast massage is also a way.
  • Diet should also be good enough as weight gain will surely lead to raise breast size. Eat estrogen rich food. Estrogen is a female hormone which increases breast size .though estrogen is produced naturally by your body but an extra intake of this hormone will make your breasts bigger. Foods containing estrogen include lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, dairy products, citrus fruits and grains.
  • Intake of foods those are rich in phytoestrogen like nuts, flaxseeds, green beans, which will aid to increase your breast size when estrogen levels are low. It also causes breasts enlargement in pre- menopausal women.
  • Papaya juice and milk work best together. Mixture of these two will help your breast look chubby.
  • A perfect size bra should be used. Neither too small which makes your breasts appear smaller nor bigger. You can use padded bra which can show your breast a bit bigger.
  • Apart from face, women can also use make up for their breasts to make their look bigger. Contour cleavage area in between your breasts to enhance their bigger look.

A perfect posture is an easiest way to make your breast look bigger. Keep your spine straight; raise your shoulders and your arms at the sides. You will not only feel taller and confident but also your breast will look bulky.

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