Perfect Facial at Home Does Not Require a Magic Stick

We all must have heard of this common saying that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.  But how can you make a woman understand this simple fact? It is a common observation that women are more concerned with how to look beautiful. It is probably their internal desire or the circumstances make them do so; well the answer varies from case to case. But despite of all the probabilities the fact remains the same, yes it is true, woman love to look good and for that they go to beauty clinics and go through different procedures to make their skin glow and look radiant. It is not only to make them appear good but also such procedures make them feel good about them and help them to relax.

Many ladies prefer going to different beauty clinics and spas, where they pay a fee for beauty treatments. Many beauty clinics promise refreshed, youthful skin but this cannot be achieved with a single treatment. You need treatments on regular basis to retain and maintain beautiful skin. There are certain factors such as pollution and strain which can affect one’s skin adversely, resulting in premature aging and early wrinkling. Such cases call for skin treatment. Not all of us can afford to spend hefty lumps of money on regular treatments every month or every fortnight. Moreover many times people go to non professional so called beauty experts who treat you without understanding your skin type or make use of low quality products which ultimately result in skin damage and in severe cases people have to go through some expensive and detailed procedures to try to fix this.

So why not avoid all such risks and go for home remedies instead?  Yes this can be regarded as the simplest and the most convenient and cost effective way out for all those who cannot afford expensive treatments offered at different leading beauty clinics. The most beneficial factor of homemade remedies is that you are sure of what you are doing and what ingredients you are going to use on your face.

Many of these ingredients can be found in your kitchen, such as rose water, turmeric powder, lemon (a bleaching agent), honey (gives glow to your skin), almond oil and almond paste, fruits and vegetables etc. Combining these ingredients in the right amounts according to your skin type, and also making sure about certain important factors, you can give yourself a professional facial at home without spending too much money. Still if you need some ready-made products you can purchase them easily from the market but make sure you choose a renowned company’s products.

Facials include a variety of steps such as cleansing, moisturizing, scrubbing or exfoliation, steaming, toning, massaging and a variety of serum and facial masks are used in accordance with your skin type. All these steps, if followed in a specific pattern, can help you remove dead cells and can give you youthful skin with a sparking glow. Massage can help increase blood circulation which can make you feel relaxed but make sure you make the right moments using your finger tips and also you massage gently taking care of the sensitive areas such as eyes. Facials help to rejuvenate and re hydrate your skin and if you are making use of right techniques you can have a long lasting revitalizing effect.  Right after exfoliation, steam and massage, a facial mask of your own choice is applied according to your skin and thus it is all done without spending too much money and also being careful about using hygiene and quality products. It is however advisable to consult a professional before you go to apply anything to your skin. Free advice is always available by consulting different beauty magazines, internet or if you know somebody personally into beauty industry he/she can surely guide you well.

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