Skin Care Products in Your Kitchen

Your skin is silky soft when you are a baby but as you age and your exposure to environmental hazards increase, your skin suffer.  You can have skin problems like acne, wrinkles and other skin problems that will harm your self-confidence.

Young men and women especially those in their puberty years often want to hide in the closet because of acne.  This should not happen; young men and women should enjoy their teenage years.

To avoid these problems, skin care regimen is necessary.  However, you surely fear the cost and the kinds of products you will use in your face.  Thus, natural skin care products should be your only choice.

Now, how do you know if the product is natural and will not harm your skin?  Aside from ensuring that the products you use in your skin are common and is actually a staple you can find in the kitchen, then you can be sure it is safe and surely less expensive.

It is therefore a must that you use skin care products you can find in your kitchen.  They are not popular because no marketing efforts have been spent on skin care products found in the kitchen but surely they are effective.

Here is a short list of skin care products you can find in your kitchen.  They will help keep your skin smooth and silky without breaking the bank.


Milk is a common staple to your food.  While it is good to keep your body healthy, it works wonders to your skin as well.  You can use powdered skim milk as a facial scrub to avoid acne.  You can also use whole milk as a mild cleanser for dry skin.  It will help avoid the dryness that may lead to wrinkles.

 The skim milk as a facial scrub will help clean your face and scrub off dirt and oil while hydrating your skin that will pave the way to smooth and silky skin.

Olive Oil

For mature skin, you can use olive oil to moisturize your skin.  You can use it in your face as a facial moisturizer and in your body as a lotion replacement.  Rub olive oil liberally in your skin and after 5 minutes, take a shower.  You will feel silky smooth after your bathe.

Egg yolk mixed with honey

Egg yolk mixed with honey is a good face mask.  Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse off.  It will help clear your skin with blemishes just like a cosmetic face mask can do.


Mashed avocado is food for treatment of dry or sunburned skin.  Smooth the mashed avocado in your face or to the affected part of your body.  Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse off.


Cucumber is good for your eyes.  It will help manage your eye bugs or tired eyes.  You can also use mashed or juiced cucumber as a gentle astringent.

Finally, water is the best toxin releaser.  Drink the recommended 8 glasses of clear water and you will see that your skin becomes smooth and silky because you will be able to get rid of toxins from your skin through sweating.

Drinking eight glasses of water may be difficult at the start but you have to do it if you want clean and clear skin without high cost of treatment.

Your kitchen is treasure trove of natural skin care product, use them and enjoy beautiful and silky skin that your husband will love.

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