The Best Home Remedies to Treat Dark Circles Naturally

If you are fed up with your ugly dark circles which give you dull and sick look, then this article has a few home remedies to solve this common problem.

Dark circles are dark blemishes around the eyes. People of all age groups suffer from this most common problem. Your eyes speak about your inner condition if you are sick, tired or sleep-deprived. Before using any home remedy, you must ascertain the real cause of dark circles, as dark circles are the result of some internal problems too. The main reasons of dark circles are: anemia, lack of proper sleep, stress, menopause, spending too much time on computer, insufficient nutrition, hereditary, aging ,weight loss, blocked nose, sinusitis etc. You must take a healthy diet and proper sleep to keep dark circles away from you.

Home remedies are very helpful in getting rid of dark circles, but you must remember that a healthy diet, and proper sleep are very important for treating under-eye circles. You can use these home remedies for curing dark circles around eyes without damaging your skin.

1. Cut a potato or cucumber and squeeze its juice. Apply the juice using cotton balls dipped in the juice on your eyelids and area around. If you think it is time taking, you can simply put a slice of potato or cucumber on your eyes as a natural home remedy to treat dark circles.

2. Apply lemon juice mixed with tomato juice on your dark circles for 30 minutes to cure them naturally at home.

3.  Make a face pack at home mixing 1 tablespoon of tomato juice,1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric, and 2 tablespoons of gram flour to apply on your dark circles to cure them naturally. Use this remedy daily at home to get rid of ugly dark circles. You will see visible results with regular use.

4.  Mix together coconut oil and almond oil in equal amount and apply on your affected areas for 20 minutes, Wipe off with a moist cotton ball or wet tissue. You will start noticing results of this home remedy in 10 days.

5. Grind mint leaves and make a fine paste to apply on the dark circles. Wash off after 20 minutes. This treatment is a wonderful dark circles cure at home naturally.

6. Soak up a few cotton balls in cold rose water, and apply these on your dark circles to soothe your puffy eyes. This home remedy is very helpful in soothing tired eyes and curing dark circles around eyes.

7. Make a tonic at home to drink by mixing tomato, mint leaves, lemon juice, and salt .This home remedy will work from within to treat dark circles naturally.

8. Pour a pinch of turmeric in pineapple juice to apply on your dark circles to cure them naturally at home.

9. Put used teabags in the refrigerator to keep on your eyelids. This home remedy will give you an instant relief to your tired and sleep deprived puffy eyes. Tea bags are good treatment for swollen eyes as tea contains caffeine (it is an important ingredient in many under eyes creams) to reduce puffiness and water retention around eyes.

10. Grind nutmeg and mix in raw milk. Apply it on your dark circles to treat them naturally. This home remedy will give your eyes a cooling and refreshing relief.

11.  Grind 4 almonds, which have been soaked up in raw milk overnight. Apply this mixture on your affected areas daily .This home remedy will give you results in 7 days .This treatment is helpful in eradicating wrinkles around your eyes also.

12. Mix red lentil (masoor daal), lemon juice, turmeric powder and tomato to make a face mask at home for treating dark circles naturally. Use this home remedy for 15 minutes daily.

13. Apply mashed banana on your dark circles to banish them naturally.

14.  Place a spoon in the refrigerator doe 15 minutes and then place it on your eyes for a while. Doing this regularly will help you have sparkling eyes free of dark circles.

15.  Massage castor oil on your affected areas to cure dark circles .You can apply castor oil on your eyelids, and eyebrows to get thick, and black eyebrows. Try this treatment.

16. Do a practice of acupressure by pressing the mount of our palm’s index finger. This practice is very good for your vision and dark circles.

17. Apply avocado on your eyes to treat dark circles naturally at home.

18. Apply corn flour with yogurt in equal quantity on your dark circles. Use this home remedy daily.

19.  Crush rose-petals in raw milk to apply on your areas around eyes to treat circles. You can apply this face pack on your whole face to get a rosy glow .Use this home remedy to cure dark circles at home naturally.

20. Crush parijat flower (night jasmine) in curd to apply on your under-eyes circles for 10 minutes to get sure results. This home remedy is a sure-fire remedy.

21. Apply milk cream with castor oil to get rid of those annoying dark circles around eyes. This treatment can be used on your whole face.

22. You can try a treatment in which you have to apply castor oil on the soles of your feet. Castor oil stimulates the pressure point of eyes, which is being located on the soles of your feet.

23. Apply creams which contain vitamin K as vitamin K is very good for treating dark circles, puffy eyes, redness and eye bags which give you a sick look. Vitamin K restores the strength and stability of the blood vessels of eyes to give them a healthy look.

24. Apply orange juice mixed with glycerin to cure dark circles at home naturally.

25. Apply papaya pulp on your dark circles for 10 minutes for treating ugly circles naturally. You can use papaya as a home remedy to lighten your skin tone.

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