Tips To Grow Nails And Maintain Nail Beauty

One of the very common features and fashion trends among ladies, especially young girls, is long nails. The growing popularity of nail art has made it a compulsory fashion item and each girl is searching for ways to grow their nails in order to enjoy fascinating nail art. However, growing nails long and maintaining them in a proper way is no doubt an intricate task. It is mainly because of the fact that long nails are more prone to chipping and breaking. Moreover, longer nails need proper care to keep them groomed every time. A common observation is long nails look good when they are in proper shape and are properly clean so, you have kept them trimmed and tidy because they get quite unsightly and dirty easily.

If the following tips are followed in a proper discipline you will never feel difficulty in carrying your long nails. Things you need in this care mania are

  • Nail brush
  • Nail file
  • Attractive nail polish

Tips and steps to maintain nails beauty:

  • Never ever use your beautifully grown nails as your working tools because it increases the risk of chipping and breaking.
  • Try to clean your nails regularly. Keeping your nails clean is an important part of everyday nail care. You can do it simply by washing hands properly. Hands are used so frequently and it is possible that grime and dirt will destroy its beauty so, clean them as sooner as possible. You can scrub your hands gently and clean nails thoroughly with a brush dipped in the soapy water.
  • If you bite nails you have to shun this habit. Nail biting makes you unable to grow nails properly. In order to avoid this habit wipe something around your nails that smells bad and tastes odd.
  • Add an adequate amount of zinc and calcium in your routine diet. Calcium makes your nail durable and strong. It also strengthens your bones and teeth so; it is multi-purpose nutrient and adds to your overall health. Zinc deficiency causes small white spots in nails and gives an odd and clumsy look.
  • Always use a filer to softer and smoothen the rough edges of your nails. File nails in one direction and start filing from sides of the nails and may cause splitting and cracking. If your nails are very pointy smooth the edges with filer to avoid breakages. When you are done with filling, rinse nails in lukewarm water to wash out the powdered nails or dead skin around nails.
  • Drink adequate water because it not only helps in keeping the body hydrated but, also helps your nails grow properly.
  • Trim cuticles properly and put a clear and good nail polish to make them strong.
  • Be calm and be patient because the nail growth rate is not the same for everyone.
  • Be careful while cleaning nails because you might damage nails or hurt yourself.

These are simple tips that make your nails grow faster and also help you to maintain its beauty, shape and strengthen it.

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