Tips To Maintain Healthy and Beautiful Nails

Many women dream to have and maintain long and healthy nails. It is hard enough to do so but still with the right care and maintenance, you can have long and beautiful nails of your desired length. Following are some ways to keep long and healthy nails. Try them and have healthy and beautiful nails.


  • Eat a healthy diet

In order to get optimum results in different aspects one needs to maintain healthy and balanced diet. Usually vitamin deficiencies easily come up with weak, fragile nails or low points in nails.

  • Keep your nails trimmed

For those who have long nails they mostly suffer from broken nails. Broken nails are painful. They are bothersome as well. The best solution to broken nails is to prevent them from breaking and that is only possible by trimming. Everyone knows what length his or her nails can withstand. They should not exceed to that length to avoid breakage.

  • Moisturizing Cuticles

Fingernails might not need moisture but cuticles and fingertips need moisture. When you overlook cuticles, you might go through cracked and drying out cuticles that are painful.  You can keep the cuticles well maintained by moisturizing and not trimming them since it will only invite infection.

  • Clean Nails using Baking Soda

Many people have a habit of washing their hands on a regular basis. It is necessary for hygiene purpose. For better results, and to keep your nails clean and look bright and white you need to take care of them a little more. The simplest yet effective method is to dip wet toothbrush into baking soda and scrub each nail. If you want improved results, you can use lemon juice for additional whitening power.

  • Filing Your Nails

One needs to file their nails the right way. Filing in different directions can ruin nail shape. Therefore, filing in the right direction in a back and forth direction is the right way to file your nails properly.

  • Buffing Your Nails

Buffing means is to polish your nails until they shine. You can give your nails a professional look by trying buffing.  Using a nail buffer is worth a try. However, make sure you do not overdo with buffing since it will undermine the natural strength of your nails.

  • Protecting Your Nails

It is recommended not to use too many household chemicals. If you are suppose to deal with such chemicals like dishwashing liquids, washing powder etc, you should wear protection gloves. This will help save your nails from much damage. This is because household chemicals can weaken and stain your nails due to constant use.

  • Try Organic Nail Paints

Many girls love to paint their nails all the time. If you are one of those, you should choose for less harmful methods. Nowadays water based nail paints are out there in the market. They are less harmful since they do not contain harmful chemicals.

  • When Not To Disturb Your Nails

When you are done with all the care and protection of your nails there comes time when you are not supposed to disturb your nails. Avoid biting your nails or trimming your cuticles etc. All such things might leave to painful problems. Therefore, avoid them.

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