Tips To make Your Feet Beautiful and Healthy

Human feet are most used part of the body because running and walking is included in our daily routine. So, it is very important to pay full attention in taking care of your feet because they deserve it a lot. Taking care of your feet protect you from any foot problem and also make your feet attractive and beautiful. Having beautiful feet add a different charm to your overall look, there are some tips that will help you in taking care of your feet.

Wash your feet daily:

Most of the people running here and there for their day to day chores and feet are exposed to dirt and dust. So, it is important to wash your feet and remove all dirt and dust before going to bed. Make it your routine to wash your feet every night before sleeping, then dry your feet with towel gently and apply any good moisturizing cream to your feet.

Use best cream for your feet:

It is very important to use best cream for your feet. Use of cream is good for those people who have dry feet; it will give you relief from dryness. If you have crack heel make use of better lotion or cream to heal your crack heel as crack heel looks very bad even if you are wearing fashionable and stylish shoes. It will also protect you from any kind of pain or any other problem.

Selection of comfortable and right shoes:

The right selection of shoes plays an important role in keeping your feet healthy. Always buy that shoes which perfectly fit to your foot and you will comfortable while walking. Tight shoes will put stress on your feet and may stop blood flow which will be the cause of many foot related problems. If you wear such shoes for long time it will definitely cause pain in your feet. The best time to buy shoes is the evening time so; always buys shoes at evening when your feet are in its actual size.

Feet massage:

Massage for your feet is very important at the day end. It will help your muscles to calm down and will reduce tension and stress. Sit comfortably on chair and take one of your feet up on other foot knees and rub your foot softly and gently. Try to stretch your toes, stretch them one by one it will also release tension from your feet.  You can also use any cream and massage your feet every night it will increase the blood flow in your feet and keep them well and healthy.

Prop up feet:

Give rest to your feet after walking long time. Sit down, take your feet high at 45 degree, this elevation will make the blood to flow away and it will help in reducing tenderness and swelling.

These are the few tips that helps in taking care of your feet as your feet are used in everyday life so; taking care of them and providing them life every day is very important.

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