Top 10 Home Remedies For Pearly White Teeth

Everyone dreams for a pleasant smile with pearly white teeth. Whiter teeth are the catalysts that boost confidence level of an individual and complete your individuality. Of course concerning a dentist for bleaching teeth costs a sizeable amount of money and believe me it’s worth each cent. All of you who hate to visit a dentist or unable to pay their expenses have to try the following home remedies to enjoy sparkling white teeth at no cost.

1.      Baking Powder: It has been used since centuries and every individual have tried it at least one time in life because baking soda is the best remedy for stained teeth. Just add a few drops of water in baking soda and brush teeth with it and leave for about 3 minutes then, rinse it thoroughly. Remember, it tastes extremely bad.

2.      Orange Peel: Orange peel is the best way to enjoy white shiny teeth. The white side of orange peel works marvelously if applied regularly 3 times a day.  But, make sure you have no sensitivity or sores against the citrus fruits.

3.      Lemon and salt: It tastes much much better than the baking soda but, apply it carefully over the gums because it might irritate the gums. Mix lemon and salt in equal proportions to make a better paste and rub over your teeth and leave overnight.

4.      Strawberries: People claim that strawberries are known to give a whitening effect to teeth instead of red color, why not try it? If it isn’t working you can swallow the sweet strawberries easily.

5.      Apple Cider Vinegar: It is a mild acid but, is famous to whiten teeth. Like baking powder it also tastes bad but, you have swished it around the mouth.  To make teeth whiter makes a paste with baking soda, vinegar and salt.

6.      Whitening kits: These kits are inexpensive and are easily available at main pharmacies and are highly effective. These kits are available in the form of pens, gels, trays and strips. Ask your dentist which will be most suitable for you.

7.      Saliva: Some foods are known to trigger the creation of saliva like apple, carrots, pears and the sugar free gums. The saliva helps to remove stains and neutralizes the acids that may result in tooth decay. So, it is a good whitening option.

8.      Prevention: Prevention is the key to pearly white teeth. Avoid edibles like chocolates, soda, coffee, cigarettes, tea, wine and other similar things to keep your teeth glowing. If you fail to avoid these things then brush teeth after every single meal.

9.      Floss: Flossing is one of the vital things that make teeth stronger and whiter that is why it should be the routine of everyone who urge to have white teeth. Flossing helps in the removal of small food bits that remain unnoticed in between teeth and averts the formation of stain in the gaps.

10.  Peroxide: Peroxide over teeth guarantees glowing teeth. Must refer your dentist before applying peroxides and be careful while using it.

These simple and inexpensive tips promise a pleasant and alluring smile.

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