Top 5 Tips To Heal Cracked Lips

Winters are just about to knock our doors a little harder in the coming days or so. Many of the men and women love winters and they enjoy a lot but sometimes cold weather disturbs them in so many ways. One of these disturbances is cracked lips. Most of the times men are found afflicted to this problem more than women, since they do not use lipsticks and gels to heal cracked lips.

Rather than emphasizing on the means to heal chapped lips, the right approach is to avoid getting your lips cracked. If you have ever experienced cracked lips yourself, you can imagine how bad they look when you go out in public and how painful they are to endure. In order to get rid of this problem, one needs to focus on finding out the right solution.

Following are some ideas and tips to heal cracked or chapped lips effectively:

  • The very thing you need to do when having cracked lips is to increase the quantity of foods that are rich in vitamin A. Mostly green, leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin A, whole grains, and yellow and orange fruits are rich source of vitamin A. Try to include those to your diet. If you are having problems in including these to your diet, you must not worry. You can always take vitamin A supplement to make up for the deficiency since this is the very first thing to do to heal cracked lips without any medicine.
  • Drink at least 8 glass of water every day. This will help to keep your lips moist and hydrated. It does not mean that you can count on coffee and tea as well. They do not count as water in fact coffee is a major source to dehydration.
  • Some people are observed licking their lips when they are cracked. This further cracks them so avoid moistening them with your tongue and saliva. The best way to prevent or avoid licking is to keep your lips moist. You can apply a mixture of one-tablespoon olive oil, one-tablespoon petroleum jelly and one tablespoon of sugar. Mix them altogether and keep the mixture in a jar or a bottle. You can apply this mixture whenever you feel your lips are getting dry. It will help remove flaky bits and keep your lips hydrated.
  • You can even try on different products like balm, gel etc available in the market. They are considered good to keep your lips hydrated all day long. Both males and females can use them since they are transparent and do not have any fragrance. Most of them are not even glossy so men can feel free to use them just as women can use.
  • Applying lip balm before going to bed is very effective in healing cracked lips. They help keeping your lips hydrated all through the night and avoid further cracking.

Whenever you feel as if your lips are starting to crack, you can apply above-mentioned tips and ideas. These ideas are the best since they do not make you waste a lot of money and time. So try them this winter season to avoid cracked and chapped lips anymore.

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