Top Beauty Tips For Women In 40’s and 50’s

Once women pass a certain age, their skin, hair, nails and their bodies all begin to change. it may be the lifestyles, or lack of care, but everyone ages to some degree. However, there are some top beauty tips for women in 40’s and 50’s that should be followed regularly, in order to keep a certain glow about you.

Beauty Tips for Women:

Face Beauty Tips for Women:

Skin on the face does not always show ageing at first. Then the collagen and the elasticity begins to break down slowly, and the face begins to sag. Moisturizers do not, surprisingly, soak into the facial skin like they would into the hands. So, in the 40’s, keep your face hydrated by drinking lots of water, spiriting your face frequently with water and lavender, stop smoking and drinking too many cups of coffee or tea.

In your 40’s and 50’s you cannot get away with absolutely no facial care at all, and you certainly should not go to bed with your makeup still present, like you could in your 20’s and 30’s. So cleanse your face every night and morning.  Use no soap, because this will strip the skin of valuable oils and moisture and change the Ph, leading to dry skin and breakouts. Apply a light moisturizer afterwards, and the bare minimum of makeup.

Hands Beauty Tips for Women:

These poor things are the most often forgotten parts of the body, yet they are often the part that shows age the quickest. When you think what you do with them in an average day, then you will understand why they age so quickly. The skin on the top of the hands is very thin, so you need to keep slathering cream into them at every opportunity. If you love gardening, or indeed any other chore that needs your hands to work hard, then slather the hand cream thickly and pull on gloves. By the time you have finished whatever you are doing, the cream will have soaked in and your hands feel soft and comfortable.  Nails can do with regular manicures and certain creams rubbed into them also. Check your diet. Bad nails are often caused by a diet lacking in a mineral or a vitamin. Don’t do jobs that involve your nails being treated roughly. Use gloves.

Body Beauty Tips for Women:

If you are one of those who love going on new diets every month, then stop. The skin loses elasticity as it ages, and, where once you would have your skin tighten up as you lost weight, in your 40’s and 50’s, it does not react so quickly. So do not indulge in crash diets. Lose the weight slowly and exercise while you are doing so. You will still have the small bits of loose skin, but, with the exercise these should take up. Stop showering so often too. This strips valuable oils and moisture from the body and makes it very prone to dryness and irritations.  Use a moisturizer for the body, not the face or the hands. These other parts of their body have other needs to the body, so try to use something that is suitable for it. Unscented are best.

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