Top Cheap And Easy Beauty Tips That Gives Good Results

People are spending a large cash on beauty products and health stores. But one can get the same effects from several different products from their own home by spending a small amount of money. But these things will make a good difference in your appearance.


After removing makeup from your face one of the good idea is to apply vaseline on your eyelashes to make them grow. Like the lips eyelashes are also so delicate they provide protection for your eyes. So, the vaseline will make them grow and increase their thickness.

Head massage:

Hair plays an important role in enhancing the overall personality of a person. So, everyone is searching for the ways to make them grow. There are numerous myths but most of them will not work. The simple techniques are like trimming which is important for the hair, removing split ends also works, eating a well balanced diet and a regular massage to your head. These little acts will stimulate your hair follicles and make them grow faster.

Brush your lips:

It looks something strange, yes, it is but instead of throwing your old toothbrush out keep it and brush your lips after some days that will remove all the dead cells from your lips and make them bright red. Then, apply vaseline on the lips that will keep them moisturized and give a beautiful look.

Papaya juice:

You will be most aware of the fact that papaya juice is good for softening the meat, why this is so,  because it is rich in protein so, it will break down dead cells. Mix half papaya juice, half kiwi and some gelatine powder that will make a good mask for the face. It works like an Exfoliator and no need to scrub it on the skin and its smell is good too.

Drinking water:

Water is very important for everyone. Drinking 10-12 glasses of water a day is very important. So, it is important to take a water bottle with you when going out of the home.


Mixing turmeric with water is good to apply on spots before going to bed. It is one of the best skin secrete for perfect and beautiful skin. Leave them to dry for some time but make one arrangement before applying this paste on your skin to cover your pillow to avoid any stain on the pillow.

Olive oil:

Olive oil is rich with nutritions so, it will make your skin shiny, beautiful and smooth. It is also good to rub on nails to make them smooth. Massage with olive oil is an ideal way to get rid from dryness and damage skin. Olive oil can also be used in cooking because it has many nutritional values.


This is another refreshing item for the skin and most of you will surely be aware of its health values. Put cucumber slices over your eyes for removing the puffiness of your eyes. This might happen when you will not sleep well at night or because of crying. It is also a best toner for your skin and make your skin fresh and attractive.

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