Common Mistakes That Every Woman Often Commits

Most of the people are very conscious to look beautiful and fit, it includes healthy diet and work out. But in our daily routine we are compromising our health and no one knows it. There are few top mistakes that women mostly make and that need to break down.

Wearing high heels:

Most of the women love to look stylish and fashionable so, they opting for high heels regularly, but no one knows this is very dangerous for our health. High heels has a great impact on posture, insert pressure on joints, and may also lead to many health issues like back pain, hammertoes, tendon injuries and arthritis. So, it is advice to all to reduce your heel height for daily use to 1-5 inches and always prefer insole that will reduce stress on your joints.

Sleeping with makeup:

Most of the people are attracted to sleep in their make up sometime. But they don’t know how much this act is harmful for their skin is, as all the oils and dirts that accumulate on the skin naturally may clogged the pores that may harm your skin. Sleeping with eye make up and mascara will also cause health issues like bloodshots in eyes, infection and eye irritation.

Heavey handbag:

With the increase in accessories and gadets women are hauling all around and they carry with themselves many poundsweight in their handbags on their shoulders for whole day. In this way women are placing their health at great risk. It might be possible you will not feel its immediate effects but it may cause serious back pain or any other problem and will also effect your posture. It is not a wise choice to pay attention to the fact until and unless it harms you. Always remove all the non essential items from your handbag and try to carry small bags.

Stressing and worrying about regrets:

Stress is very harmful for both men and women and it effect mental and physical health. As well It effects women as twice as men and women are more supposed to effect by stress and have high rates of anxiety and depression. It may be due to some biological reason. Women are more worrying about the future and having regrets that effect their health. It is cleared from the researches tht women feels more regret on their broken relations and lost love.

Emotional eating:

It is observed from the researches that men are more intented toward eating when they are happy and women are more intented toward eating when they are sad or unhappy.  Women are staifying their craving with food of high calorie and sweets, that effect their health. So, it is important that to do anything else to release your tension. That make you relaxed.

Not taking good sleep:

Not getting enough sleep not only make you to look at your worst but may also be the reason of many unpleasant incidents, heart diseases and calorie consumption. Statics shows that insufficient sleep effect women more then men. But it is also observed that women are more compromise their sleep as compared to men for caring others. Sleeping effect women’s mood and blood pressure twice then men. So, they should get enough sleep at night.

Obesity pressure:

It is a common fact among both men and women that both of them wants to look beautiful and attractive. For this they work hard and try different techniques. One of the most common fact that is mostly found in women is they are much conscious about their smartness. And many of the smart girls are in stress that they are obese. It is observed from the studies that almost 16 percent of the women that are underweight or having normal weight considered themselves as obese. This thing not only effect the mental health of a person but it can also cause physical damage that results from yo yo dieting, costmetic surgeory, eating disorder and extreme dieting.

Put herself at the button:

Women not only compromise their sleep for their children and taking care for others but they also put their needs and wants at buttom and keep themselves busy in obligation and house chores. They do not have enough time for themselves to pay attention to their health and beauty which effect their health and destroy their beauty as well. So, a woman must have to learn to say no sometime to those commitments that are not much important. She must have to set a specific time in a day that she can do something enjoyable which make her happy and energetic for the whole day.

Ignore her eating:

Most of the women keep themselves so much busy in their house chores and children that they forget about their own health. They usually ignore their eating and do not take healthy foods always busy in running after her kids and husband meeting their needs and demands. But in actual she has to eat more healthy as she has to look after her whole family. A healthy mother can keep a healthy family. Women is weak by nature she needs to eat more healthy and timely food. Every lady must have to drink a glass of milk every night that will make her bone strong.

These are the top few mistakes that every women usually make and then complaint about the effected health. So, every women must have to pay attention to these points before anything bad happen.

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